**Breaking NEWS 9/27/11**

We're excited to announce two significant changes to the Tribepro and Buzzify.It services. Within the next few days, you will probably see a press release and news stories about these changes, but we wanted our customers to hear about these changes from us first.

Westside Holdings, LLC (the owners of Tribepro and Buzzify.It) have entered into a strategic relationship with Onlywire, LLC to make Onlywire's Submitter(TM) the preferred content submitter service for Tribepro.  Tribepro customers will benefit from the OnlyWire Submitter's robust and reliable functionality, which will be seamlessly integrated with Tribepro.  Tribepro customers will also benefit from a special OnlyWire Submitter billing feature which provides customers with an option to avoid unintended overage charges.

Several changes will be taking place in the very near future to facilitate this transition. First, Buzzify.It will stop taking new customer sign-ups or upgrades within the next 24 hours. All exisiting Buzzify.It accounts will remain active for 30 days, though the service will terminate at the end of the 30-day period. You will not need to worry about canceling your Buzzify.It account.  All recurring payments on your credit card have been cancelled.  If you are a Buzzify.It affiliate, rest assured that you will receive all commission that you are entitled to.

Buzzify.It and Tribepro members are encouraged to sign up for Onlywire's Submitter service as soon as possible. During the transition period, Tribepro will work with both the Buzzify.It and the OnlyWire Submitter. However, the Buzzify.It service will be shut down at the end of 30 days, at which time Tribepro will integrate only with Onlywire.

Tribepro is a pioneer in the field of tribal marketing and Onlywire's Submitter is an industry-leading solution for submitting content to the top social networks. The two companies have worked hard to ensure that the switch will be fast and worth your effort.  We are confident that the strategic relationship will give customers a powerful set of tools for accomplishing your marketing objectives.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these changes.

Ronnie and Staci Gauny

co-founders Tribepro

[email protected]



Onlywire vs Buzzify; which is better between these two automatic social syndicators? To answer this question we have to study each carefully. I will set out the pros and cons of each and I will give you my choice and the reason for my selection at the end of this article.

Buzzify it is an auto submission tool that is especially designed for the bloggers, owners of websites and businesses.  It enables you build your brand, maximize the returns of investment and get more customers.  It's actually under Buzzify.it not the .com. onlywire vs buzzify

According to the comments on the issue of Onlywire vs Buzzify by the Buzzify users, they prefer this automatic social syndicator because it enables them get customers, save time, create social buzz and dominate the major search engines like Google and yahoo among others.

Buzzify it is also preferred by its users because it uses proprietary software and it uses interface that is very easy to use. This interface publishes the content of the users to the most popular   social media sites to ensure that you get a lot of exposure with the single click of the button.

I am an online marketer and I have a lot of exposure to the Buzzify it as well as the Onlywire.  Before the launch of the Buzzify it, Onlywire used to be the only choice when you were submitting your blogs at once to the various social networking sites.  This is not the case nowadays, the entry of the Buzzify it has added another choice when it comes to the submission of content to the various social networking sites.

I will offer rational and objective discussion of the Onlywire vs Buzzify through comparison of the important features of either of these automatic social syndicators so that you can make your own independent decision and selection on which one to use.

onlywire vs buzzify

Onlywire vs Buzzify – the free accounts offer

To determine which is better between Onlywire vs Buzzify, it is good to determine the offer of the free accounts.  All these automatic social syndicators offer free accounts. The free Onlywire account allows you to make 300 submissions to more than 50 social networking sites within one month.  Note that if you submit one piece of content to ten different sites that will be counted as ten submissions. onlywire vs buzzify

The Buzzify it free account allows you to make 400 submissions to 30 social networking sites.  We cannot therefore get the winner as regards the free accounts offer.


Onlywire vs Buzzify – the paid accounts offer

Both buzzify it and Onlywire offer various levels of paid accounts.  In this aspect Buzzify it is the winner of the Onlywire vs Buzzify contest because it offers better cost effective option. It offers more submissions within the same level of price as the Onlywire.  For example, Onlywire offers 1,000 submissions in one month for $10 while Buzzify offers 1,200 submissions at the same price ($10).

Overage is the killer here there. Onlwire will charge $0.05 per. This doesn't seem like a lot until you start to factor in that you might have 10,000 submissions per month and if you go over those $0.05 start to stack up. Buzzify will NOT do this and just hold your submissions for you to upgrade or wait until the next month when your cycle starts again.

Onlywire vs Buzzify – the levels of Integration

Onlywire offers wordpress plug-in in which you can make submissions of content from your blogs without the requirement of doing the adding yourself.  Buzzify does not have this but their website says that it is coming soon.

I personally like Buzzify it as it's much cheaper in the long run (it has a limit and doesn't charge you the rediculous overage charges which will get out of hand quickly) it is the one I hereby declare the winner in Onlywire vs Buzzify contest.

Also, buzzify.it integrates to the only autosyndication software out there that will get your content shared with a community of bloggers on autopilot. The autosyndation software paired with Buzzify is called TribePro. Read my tribepro review here.


Depending on how you want to use your autosyndication, I prefer automation. So in terms of full automation between onlywire vs buzzify just the fact that onlywire will charge for overage is just a NO-NO in my book. I went with Buzzify but since their merger to Onlywire in September 2011 Onlywire is the only real choice but…. inside of Tribepro there is an option with onlywire to have a “no overage option” which was my biggest gripe outside of price 😉

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