This TribePro review will offer an objective assessment of the features, benefits, pros and cons or otherwise of this content syndication platform that was created by Ronnie Gauny and Staci Gauny.

The TribePro is a community of bloggers, social networkers and online marketers. It has the main objective of helping each other through the sharing of the content from the other people over the internet through various platforms of social media.

In doing this, there will be extensive exposure of the business of the people in the platform, creation of a social buzz and most important of all, increase in the traffic website. All these three will lead to the generation of more leads and higher sales.

TribePro Review Of How I Add Shares – My Training

TribePro review shows that it is rated highly by most uses because of its usability and extensive features.  It allows the users to form their own tribes or to join the tribe of another person in the TribePro but this is dependent on the niche. You just have to connect with the other members, begin sharing the content of these other members and they will likewise begin reciprocating.

The TribePro review is also to the effect that you should connect with more people and share the content of these other people so that you can have more of your content shared. If more of your content is shared you will get more exposure and there will be increase of traffic in to your website.


TribePro review; what the users say

According to the honest and objective TribePro review by one of the many users, this content syndication platform has been described as amazing and powerful.

According to this user, the Alexa ranking for his blog has dropped very quickly and amazingly. It decreased from 270,000 to 193,000 within a period of one month. The user expects it to drop further based on this past trend.tribepro review

Note that Alexa rank is a website that ranks website according to the traffic flow to that website after a period of three months. To learn how the Alexa rank works visit


TribePro review; the levels of membership available

The TribePro review is to the effect that there are three levels of membership to the TribePro namely free membership, pro membership and the plus membership.


FREE MEMBERSHIP:  you can become member of the Tribe Pro through the free membership. As the free member you can join any tribe(s) of your choice. You are allowed to share the content of other people to the many social media and social bookmarking sites.

After the collection of 15 points you are allowed to add your content that you want to be shared.  Note that you can only add content when you already have 15 share points. This is intended to ensure you only share the content of the other people and you do not abuse it. You only add your content about not share the content of other members.


PLUS MEMBERSHIP: plus members are required to have 10 points so that you can add your content.  The advantage of this membership is that it will save your precious and valuable time. You can add the auto syndication and auto-submit features.

You are allowed to add RSS to the blog in the TribePro. It will quickly increase the back links and traffic to your website.  This membership will also give you commenting features of YouTube and Blogs. The ProTribe members can comment on the YouTube videos and wordpress blogs without leaving their tribes.

In my book this is a must. If you want to use the power of syndication and getting “auto shares” you HAVE to upgrade to this. There is no way around it. Unless you love manual labor and doing things that take a lot of time this is a MUST DO. Check out the results below to what a properly setup Plus membership can do.

PRO MEMBERSHIP:  this membership allows the members to create their tribe.  You can also integrate the Getresponse or Aweber autoresponders.  The people joining TribePro will be given option of signing in to list of emailing subscribers.  This is a powerful tool because the autoresponders will inform the new members of your business.


TribePro Review – Results!

These “shared” backlinks were from the tribepro user community on autopilot. Shares from like digg, stumbleupon, facebook, myspace, linkedin, twitter….

These articles were from some of my students. They sent me a keyword and article and I put it through my optimized tribepro account. To optimize your tribepro account (pro/plus) just go through my training and sign up for my specialized tribepro newsletter at my tribe D3T (Double Tap The Traffic).

tribepro review

tribepro review

tribepro review

Now for one of my niche websites I decided to ONLY use tribe pro and see what it would do for my niche website build on wordpress with about 5-6 articles on it. Check out these results in Traffic… REAL Traffic 😉

tribe pro review

Is TribePro Panda Proof?

If you looking to see if using the tribepro autosyndication is Panda proof (Google's update on slapping content farming methods) then just check out the image below.


panda proof

TribePro review; why join it?

 The TribePro increases backlinks and increases traffic to your website leading to increase in sales and leads. I am an online marketer and I use it everyday because it is almost 100% automated.

I have number listed tribe (D3T) and I have even done training on the Tribe Pro. Based on my experience and period of use of this content syndication platform I recommend it to every person because it delivers encouraging actual results. I recommend that you also visit the various TribePro review sites and blogs to read what the other say about it.

Visit D3T – Double Tap The Traffic W/ Lawrence Tam



TribePro Training Notes

Leverage with Automation
1) I want to OWN my business
2) I want to determine HOW traffic comes in
-video converts the best with articles being 2nd.
3) I want to automate the process as much as possible

SEO – organic traffic that will continue regardless if i'm paying the bills.

Tonight I'm going to dive back in TribePro. There has been a couple of slight changes but wanted to re-record this one training on how to exponentially grow your syndication shares quickly.


The 3 parts to this you will need to automate your organic traffic is:

1) Your own website – I prefer wordpress and here is my training
( Executives in Numis Network and My Phone Room and Platinum MLSP members get free access to this.


2) Your tribe setup – if your not part of my tribe connect with “D3T” and I'll auto share you. Just send me a reminder if I forgot to connect to you. If your not in TribePro yet use this link to connect with our team tribe.

D3T Tribe – Lawrence Tam's Team Tribe

3) Full Automation of shares – to fully automate your shares you must use They have moved away from Onlywire (with overage costs $0.05) . Use this link if your not signed up yet.

OnlyWire (took over buzzify)

(it's a cheaper option than onlywire and doesn't charge for overage. Plus, it's the only tool that works with tribepro now for full automation.) – special pricing coming out to fix this and OnlyWire will be the only social bookmarket tool that will work with tribe pro.**update 9/27/11**

Work -> Stick -> Found -> Drive Action
Articles -> Blog -> Search Engines -> opt form

1) Pick a keyword with some traffic and winnable competition (market samurai, secockpit, 7 day bootcamp)

2) Write or Outsource an article
500+ words or more (1,000)
keyword about 1%
keyword in your title, H1,H2,H3, alt tag, Italic, bold, underline, first/last sentence

3) Rss feed connected to tribe

4) have available shares available for that month (now using onlywire again)

5) automate shares ENGAGED



Here is the email talking about the switch BACK to OnlyWire from


We're excited to announce two significant changes to the Tribepro and Buzzify.It services. Within the next few days, you will probably see a press release and news stories about these changes, but we wanted our customers to hear about these changes from us first.

Westside Holdings, LLC (the owners of Tribepro and Buzzify.It) have entered into a strategic relationship with Onlywire, LLC to make Onlywire's Submitter(TM) the preferred content submitter service for Tribepro.  Tribepro customers will benefit from the OnlyWire Submitter's robust and reliable functionality, which will be seamlessly integrated with Tribepro.  Tribepro customers will also benefit from a special OnlyWire Submitter billing feature which provides customers with an option to avoid unintended overage charges.

Several changes will be taking place in the very near future to facilitate this transition. First, Buzzify.It will stop taking new customer sign-ups or upgrades within the next 24 hours. All exisiting Buzzify.It accounts will remain active for 30 days, though the service will terminate at the end of the 30-day period. You will not need to worry about canceling your Buzzify.It account.  All recurring payments on your credit card have been cancelled.  If you are a Buzzify.It affiliate, rest assured that you will receive all commission that you are entitled to.

Buzzify.It and Tribepro members are encouraged to sign up for Onlywire's Submitter service as soon as possible. During the transition period, Tribepro will work with both the Buzzify.It and the OnlyWire Submitter. However, the Buzzify.It service will be shut down at the end of 30 days, at which time Tribepro will integrate only with Onlywire.

Tribepro is a pioneer in the field of tribal marketing and Onlywire's Submitter is an industry-leading solution for submitting content to the top social networks. The two companies have worked hard to ensure that the switch will be fast and worth your effort.  We are confident that the strategic relationship will give customers a powerful set of tools for accomplishing your marketing objectives.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these changes.

Ronnie and Staci Gauny

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Tony Rodriguez · September 6, 2016 at 10:24 am

Tribe Pro still has no efficacy. For those who know about ranking in the serps, the smoke and mirrors of those trying to affiliate the product is completely transparent. It does not work and only makes money for the owners and marketers of the product.

david · January 8, 2013 at 11:03 pm

lawrence i have a big issue here with my empower network blogging system , my seo pressor will not let me get a 100% score on it , do you have any ideas?

InternetMentor · January 5, 2013 at 3:34 pm

You have certainly done a lot of work on this site.
I am just getting into your follow up emails for the Tribe.
I’m sure they will help me use Tribro more effectively.
Thanks Again!

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