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Do whatever it takes to be there, quieten the little voice inside you and TAKE ACTION!

Now Mr.X my traffic guy has told me he needs to have his identity PRIVATE, he's a pretty underground super affiliate that is a total lead generation monster
i've seen him LIVE generate leads and sales, leads to the tune of 14,000 leads in less than 7 days!

And because of the nature of what he does he he does not want people sending him messages and contacting him.

He only take's on client's that are already making over $100,000 per year. (ONLY if he like's them)

He's a TRUE Genius in the world of marketing, creating seductive sales funnels, writing effective email copy that result's in abnormal profit's. He's a one of the coolest guy's i've ever met.

He's calmer than a monk on morphine.

You're going to love this guy!

….And i'm buying his time for YOU.

This is a REAL $999 Value bonus. For 4 Hour's you'll be soaked in the most advanced traffic strategies i'll be personally using.
Due to the nature of this content, it is VERY UNLIKELY this information will be recorded, and if it is to be recorded i'll doubt Mr.X will release
them for less than $1000.

This is your chance to gain that unfair advantage over everyone else.

Here's a pic of MR.X and me below with our friend and fellow empower network member Alex Z chilling out in Miami.
Me and Alex are both student's and high end client's of this guy. (I've had to blur his face out, don't worry you'll meet him in person)

During this closed door ‘INVITE ONLY' workshop you'll discover:

“Marketing Myths” Murdering You of Success…

Up until now, you have likely been told reasons why you haven't achieved the pinnacle of success you desire in this industry.

If i could go from being a burnt out, humiliated engineer struggling to get time freedom to see my family, my wife and live my dream life…

to making over $200,000 with Empower Network.

What's stopping you?

If i could do it.

You can too.

Here's are the some “marketing myths” you may have heard & how we'll CRUSH these at the 4 Hour Traffic Intensive…

  • Deadly Marketing MYTH #1: “You need cheaper leads!”
  • Deadly Marketing MYTH #2: “Learn more traffic secrets!”
  • Deadly Marketing MYTH #3: “You need to get better at closing on the phone!”

Sounds simple on paper right?

…Of course, if it were “easy” like it sounds, everyone would be a millionaire, right?

So where do people go wrong?

Where have YOU gone wrong?

Why AREN'T YOU already making thousand's of of dollars through your marketing?

Well simply put… you received some bad advice, guidance, product's before you decided to go all in with Empower Network.


Don't Blame the Guru's!
They Don't Know Any Better!

People continue to preach these “myth's” and they actually believe they're optimal.

Which is really unfortunate & sad, and here's why:

Trying to “combat” these myths, you're always fighting “an uphill battle” because they CANNIBALIZE EACH OTHER!

In Empower Network we're here to help you succeed and Fight Against The Forces Of Evil.

Results of a 750 Lead Day Can Be Real – I Did It (Proof Below)

Once you go ALL In & Sign up for the San Diego event in September

* How to 10x your traffic effort's at minimal cost or even 100% free.
* The “real secrets” of traffic, and why NO ONE will tell you…
* How i made over $202,144+ in less than 6 month's – the real nitty-gritty A-Z
* Recondition your mind, so you think, live in abundance instead of fear based & scarcity driven… (this is ONE of my personal favorite topic's as i used to be live in scarcity mindset and thinking due to my cultural background)
* How to get instant authority, expert status, credibility using little known sites exposed by Mr. X
* How to get on Page 1 of google for ANY keyword in less than 3 day's – I've seen this by Mr. X LIVE in action. (Truly beautiful)
* You'll learn the 3 deadly myth's of traffic & how you can be in the top 3% of elite marketer's.
* Money getting conversion trick's, strategies, tip's & techniques!
*Email Copy Secrets:
“How to structure, formulate & write emails for your follow up series”
*Basic & covert copywriting & VIDEO strategies to “hypnotically persuade” your prospects. Easy to learn & implement!
* Ho
w to “cast obedience” on your prospects, IMMEDIATELY after they join your email list! (You'll see a LIVE break-down in a case study)
* How to “engineer perception” with your prospects – so that you look like the impressive guru they want to join… without having to stoop to making any false claims!
* How to HYPNOTICALLY TRANSFORM & Leverage the entire Empower Network community so your prospects beliefs
skyrocket with “Transformation Mechanisms” and they end up BEGGING to join you. (This technique never get's saturated and you'll understand WHY)
* You'll mastermind with myself and Mr. X for 4 straight hour's – where you can ask ANY question's (even question's that seem silly and stupid, not to us! where here to help YOU get FAST result's in the quickest time)

****LIVE Dissection of EXACTLY what i'll be doing with Mr. X over the next 3,6, 12 month's – where i'm focusing on to get to $250,000 PER MONTH with Empower Network and how you can directly cheat your way ‘IN' with me by leveraging what i do inside my business.

Excited ?


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Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Laurie · September 19, 2012 at 12:06 am

Hey Tam,
When I first read about Dave and Dave and how they wanted to make this affordable for everyone due to the economy, I liked their genuine humble approach. I see that you have forgone their ideals and are in this for money only and not for helping people. You state in other blogs that you worked a full time engineering job and the had to support your family. Did you not have a wife to help you? The only mention of your wife is that she carefully reviews apps to make sure no wussies pass thru. I am sure by now you have stopped reading, but does your wife had stage 4 cancer? Are you constantly being called by bill collectors? Welcome to my life…but it was my husband that unexpectedly got ill, the ecomony dropped, I got laid off, etc. I was the golden girl with it all. 2 multi million dollar homes and respect. Now I rent an awful condo and try to make the best life for our kids that I can. The blessing…my husband survived with a 10% chance..but at the same time we lost alot due to financial hardship. I want to build a business that allows $25 entries to go to a seminar and learn and become excited and want to go to ALL the levels. Take a breath and think back on your hard times and rethink what others are experiencing and try to include them so they can grow also. I was going to sign up under you, but after reading your blogs I will find another to go under. Maybe I won’t make multi millions but I will try to be true and help people out and not skank them out of $500 per hour as I feel I am so elite to do so. Hope you never have cancer happen in your family. But it may be the wake up call you need to see what is important in helping others.

    Lawrence Tam · September 28, 2012 at 12:44 am

    go ask anyone who i have helped in empower network and you will change your tune…

    wishing cancer on some is F up…

    J. Lamar Ferren · September 28, 2012 at 10:24 am


    You can’t be serious. Lawrence Tam has helped many people to include myself. Your being extremely judgemental and should be ashamed of yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start lifting up yourself. You obviously haven’t read all of Lawrence Tam’s blogs. This man has reached out to help others on his team for years and even people not on his team he has helped. And one thing you notice about Lawrence Tam aside from his hardwork and dedication is that he is a strong family man. He is all about his wife and kids and actually talks about her quite often. How the hell can you just make assumptions about someone you obviously don’t even know. Your sadly mistaken if you think you can learn a few things from a blog… and to wish cancer on someone is pretty sick.. You need to wake up and get your life together or remain silent and move on. Notice Lawrence isn’t begging you to sign up under him. He helps those who want to help themselves. Take the blinders off Laurie and see the damn light!

Jessica Edmondson · August 16, 2012 at 8:34 pm

I’m not on your team, but am all in and just love your stuff. How can I get in on the “mastery”?

Ken Pickard · August 15, 2012 at 1:21 am


I’m all in and on your team and am pumped about what you’re trying to do here. Looking forward to connecting again in San Diego!

Ken Pickard
The Network Dad

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