9 thoughts on “Empower Sign In

  1. Just a note to Lawrence. You were the #1 guy in San Diego and you were the number one guy out mingling with the crowd. A big RESPECT to you Sir Lawrence.

    When we get on stage and reach the bigtime we want to carry ourselves just like you.

    See you in Austin, Texas

    1. just know i’m a regular dude.. guy who wished i could make it happen… instead of “wishing” i took massive action and made it work for me.

      I mingle cause i see so many people that were in my shoes… i relate.. and i know the pain but the freedom is so close… i almost quit before i got there

  2. I have been giving you $100 a month but that is going to come to a close. I do not know what I am doing in the first place. Mr. Pyle has been sending me emails, I guess his post, then I started noticing your name on my bank statements.

    I read about the Atlanta event I could not come, I am handicapped in wheelchair, its better for me to read about it.

  3. Lawrence,
    I will be going to the event in Atlanta. I will be driving in from VA. My daughter is graduating tomorrow and I will not be arriving at the hotel until after 10:00pm. Please save a spot for some training if that is possible on Saturday. Thank you,


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