So you have searched the internet looking for a better way to grow a home based business and probably heard of something called Magnetic Sponsoring and I wanted to write this magnetic sponsoring review for you to digest. You’re probably specifically interested in growing a business in network marketing. No doubt you have come across a couple sites praising the marketing system Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard in Austin.


Magnetic Sponsoring Review Of My Experiences

So what exactly is Magnetic Sponsoring Review and why is it important to network marketers? Is it useful? Does it really work? Why do I personally use it to generate leads to my network marketing business daily?

I stumbled across this information about 6 months ago. Like most I was skeptical. Wait, let me retract that and say I was very skeptical. I have an education in Mechanical Engineering so I think I’m educated enough to see through most false advertisements. Seeing stuff like this on the internet doesn't get much attention because the promises are just to grand. Seriously, how can someone sponsor so many strangers off the internet?

6 months later and a good stream of very informative videos and e-mails finally got me to try out the system. It came with a 1 year money back guarantee so what did I really have to lose. I figured I would look into this system and see if it could help. I definitely couldn’t hurt and the most I would lose is time. At my point in my network marketing career I didn’t have many other choices.


Can You Relate?

  1. 100 names list consisting of friends, relatives, associates, neighbors, and kids parents.
  2. Dragging people to business opportunity meetings.
  3. Arguing with people online that my business was better than theirs so join mine.
  4. Placing company ads describing how great it was.
  5. And many others.

Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Nuts and Bolts

  1. Printed spiral notebook w/ free shipping
  2. Back office system with examples on how to attract prospects
  3. Auto-responder e-mail
  4. Banners
  5. Capture Pages
  6. Sales Pages
  7. Videos
  8. Constant updates to materials to improve conversions
  9. Traffic and campaign information
  10. Check out
  11. Plus many others…


Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Bang for your Buck?

How can a marketing system really include all of that for such a low cost and also not charging a monthly fee? Isn't there an on going server fee to maintain the changes and tracking for your prospects?

I have the answer to why this system gives so much up for so little. It's called “Give before want”. One of the primary teachings of the course is to share and give freely. Show that you can help people without wanting something in return. This totally shook my world. Materials in this book actually taught their students to give to those wanting help. Share knowledge and grow others before looking to make a sale. People are not dollar signs.

This totally took me by surprise and didn't really sink in until I finished the book.

So of course the big question is: Does it work?

I can respond only to this by saying: Maybe and why my Magnetic Sponsoring review is the real deal. I used it for a long time as my front door to my business.

Why maybe? Well, I would like to relate this to someone buying a sports car. The sports car is capable of high speeds and a fun ride. Put this in the hands of someone who can't drive or drives 20 mph under the limit really puts things into perspective. This is a tool. Tools are only as good as the operator. I first experienced this first hand while working with machinist. They have thousand dollar machines but if the programmer and operator are not trained well my engineering parts will not come out without a high scrap percentage.

This tool does give you all the nuts and bolts to build a system to attract thousands but then again it does depend on many factors. One being is time or money more important. You can reach more people using pay methods or your can spend more time doing free methods.

The true measure of someone being able to succeed using magnetic sponsoring falls squarely on his or her own shoulders. A successful student of magnetic sponsoring will continue to grow and learn.


Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Test Time

Magnetic Sponsoring doesn’t exactly have a test at the end of the course to see if the student totally understands the material, but in reality there are a couple of test questions.

  1. Do you have the determination to become an Alpha network marketer?
  2. Are you still blaming your failures on everyone else except yourself?
  3. Are you giving without want?
  4. Do you listen more than you speak?

Education can only do so much for a student. It’s up to the student to get up and run with the material presented. Just like when I was in my engineering class at the University of Texas at Austin, it’s up to the student to learn how to apply theories discussed in class in real world applications.


Are Magnetic Sponsoring Your Leads for REAL?

1) The capture page Magnetic Sponsoring gives you is Free after your 1 time buy in. This is tremendous. Most services require a monthly fee. Why? Split testing. Magnetic Sponsoring is always changing and tweaking their capture/sales pages for the highest conversion. Awesomeness. All for 1 entry fee!

magnetic sponsoring review

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2) There is a drawback to the system though. The leads are entering into Mike Dillards system and he owns them. He shares them with you freely but it is stated that you should call those shared leads as he won't as he's giving you rights to them BUT….. You can NOT e-mail them more than once. They did NOT opt into your autoresponder. If you were to manually place those leads in your autoresponder they don't really know you. They only associate you with Mike Dillard. Tricky Tricky.


The Real Benefit as Magnetic Sponsoring is a MUST have for any network marketer/affiliate sales person is to Build your own capture page and then send your leads to Magnetic Sponsoring. This totally positions you as the leader which the course teaches and your giving Tons of value. This is why you need to dive into my own magnetic sponsoring review so you don't fail like I did and trying to build an online recruiting machine that wasn't brandable to yourself. That's a no-no.


Don't use Magnetic Sponsoring as a Front End Gateway.

This is how I do it.

One Funnel System Branded to YOU that you can build a Relationship with your List. You then suggest different materials based on THIER needs to build THEIR business. The one and only way to do this is to either build it from the ground floor yourself (capture pages, sales pages, training pages, autoresponder integration, split testing, tracking…) or you can have a system that is already proven to have all of this and then some BRANDED TO YOU.

No Sharing Leads. Not having to manually input people into another autoresponder. All in one system that is easy enough for anyone to jump in (step by step videos) all for a $1 trial.

This is what I use and recommend in conjunction with Magnetic Sponsoring to teach Attraction Marketing. The best place to learn all of the nuts and bolts of funnel systems and putting attraction marketing in place is at My Lead System Pro where I am a L4 leader within that system. When I applied attraction marketing and added it to a customized BRANDED marketing funnel that's when my income spiked.

My magnetic sponsoring review is intended to help you understand no matter what you do you in network marketing, internet marketing, or affiliate marketing that you will always come back to Attraction Marketing. There is a reason people want to BUY from you. Take the next step after digesting all of this I've put together for this Magnetic Sponsoring Review and work with me on how I've taken it up a notch by click the link below:

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