Magnetic Sponsoring Review Of A Long Time User

So you have searched the internet looking for a better way to grow a home based business and probably heard of something called Magnetic Sponsoring and I wanted to write this magnetic sponsoring review for you to digest. You’re probably specifically interested in growing a business in network marketing. No doubt you have come across a couple sites praising the marketing system Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard in Austin.


Magnetic Sponsoring Review Of My Experiences

So what exactly is Magnetic Sponsoring Review and why is it important to network marketers? Is it useful? Does it really work? Why do I personally use it to generate leads to my network marketing business daily?

I stumbled across this information about 6 months ago. Like most I was skeptical. Wait, let me retract that and say I was very skeptical. I have an education in Mechanical Engineering so I think I’m educated enough to see through most false advertisements. Seeing stuff like this on the internet doesn't get much attention because the promises are just to grand. Seriously, how can someone sponsor so many strangers off the internet?

6 months later and a good stream of very informative videos and e-mails finally got me to try out the system. It came with a 1 year money back guarantee so what did I really have to lose. I figured I would look into this system and see if it could help. I definitely couldn’t hurt and the most I would lose is time. At my point in my network marketing career I didn’t have many other choices.


Can You Relate?

  1. 100 names list consisting of friends, relatives, associates, neighbors, and kids parents.
  2. Dragging people to business opportunity meetings.
  3. Arguing with people online that my business was better than theirs so join mine.
  4. Placing company ads describing how great it was.
  5. And many others.