Lead And Income Stats

So here are my actual numbers. But before we dive into that *** Income Disclaimer – Results are not typical and are highly dependent on personal action taken***

  • People ask me if it's possible to make money online. Yes
  • People ask me if it's possible to generate a REAL lead online. Yes
  • People ask me if it's possible build a network marketing business online. Yes
  • People ask me if it's possible to make money with Affiliate Marketing. Yes

Speaking Live In San Diego To Close To 4,000 People

The Key to online success is FOLLOWING a Leader. There are a ton of tools and education out there. You need someone to mentor you. Find a leader you respect and learn from them over time. This is NOT a race. I have systems in place for you to plug into PLUS I even have a team trainer who does one on one coaching with you.

I wanted a way for you to “BELIEVE” it's real by watching me work. It all boils down to if you believe it enough to actually do the things I do. And… the cool thing is… I started online part time with NO DIRECTION!!!! Follow along and work with my team and myself and watch as we build awesomeness into your life πŸ˜‰

Bringing My Family On Stage

 *income disclaimer here

This is one of my biggest moments, achievements, life changing things I've ever done. My parents ever since I was young just wanted to make sure I could take care of myself physically… which includes financially.

Doing it in a big way financially and not through the traditional “JOB” as a mechanical engineer scared my parents. After being laid off not once… but 2 times in 11 year from engineering put my parents on edge. I had kids and responsibility to take care of them and the uncertainty of the industry just didn't sit well.

So when I finally was able to show my parents that all of that extra night/weekends I put into my internet business finally paid off and was able to have them share in my achievement, was just priceless. As kids, we just want to make our parents proud and to assure them that we are going to be okay.

Mom, Dad… I'm going to be okay.


Lead, Income, and Learning Updates

*Gross figures and affiliate payouts are delayed at time from 30-90 days due to refunds and processing so numbers could fluctuate. Facts and figures shown to the best of my knowledge


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Engineering Your Success, Lawrence Tam

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24 thoughts on “Lead And Income Stats

  1. Dear Lawrence,
    Almost is 2 years that I spend a lot of time and mpny to generate revenue from internet. I have not seen any Mirakle yeT.
    I would like to work with you and your team.

    Best Always

    Hossein Khabir

  2. Hi Lawrence,

    I am a guy who is driven to succeed, I have a lot to prove – coming from a not so wealthy family I had a lot of things to do to get where I am right now

    Currently a Program Manager in a Multinational Company – I am on a PAYCHECK

    I want to start my own business – and I know in my heart that this is the way to go.

    I have been inspired by your story and want you to teach me, mentor me to be a successful network marketer.

    I am from the Philippines and I am seeking help to get freedom from financial problems. I have a lot to prove. I have been working for only 7 years now and I get promoted every year. I started as an entry level employee. Now I am executive management –

    But I am not contented – I want more, I want to have my own, I know I have the will to do it – with the right mentor I can be where I want to be.

    I am begging you to be my mentor. I have read your profile and studied your blogs. Teach me and I promise I will be successful.

    I guess we are kinda the same, I have my own family working 12 hours a day – working off on a paycheck. barely save anything and work too much.

    I am in a third world country (Philippines) and If I can do this so can other people who lives in my country. I want to inspire just like you. I want to change people’s lives just like what you did with yours – and in the future mine.

    Please teach me your ways


    1. applications are looked over by myself and even my wife… she needs to know the time I spend with my customers is time away from her and she ain’t looking for needy people, if you know what i mean…

      but i have your application and will review it in the order i received it.. your currently about 4-5 back in the line

  3. Hi Lawrenece,
    I tripped over your site. I’ve always been intrigued with making money online, and have even tried a few “schemes.” I’m an educated marketing guy (MBA), and have worked for myself for most of my career, but the economy has me working for a paycheck right now.
    How do you make money online? I see that you “generate leads”, but then what? What do you sell them?
    I am looking for somebody with which to work. Could it be you?

    Chuck Tuttle

  4. I appreciate your leadership here and I will check out the seo training on Mlsp. I have a blog thru WordPress but I am not getting any results even with setting it up through tribal syndication domination. I must be missing somthing. My content is being syndicated but I haven’t gotten a single lead. I will find out what’s wrong and make some adjustments. Thanks again for your leadership.

    1. 1) are you getting traffic (unique impressions)?
      2) are you getting relevant traffic?
      3) are you sure the opt in form works?
      4) are you telling your visitors to Opt In?

      automation and leverage… gotta love it

  5. automatic article submitter is the cheapest spinner but its considered an entry level on. they don't update. if you consider how fast directories are added and removed… you need a “current” submitter that abides by the ever changing directory rules. I would go with distribute your articles if your serious even though it's more in the long run you will make a lot more back in backlinks and PR sites.

  6. Hi Lawrence,

    Love your blog! Just wondering…have you used Article Submitter before and was it effective? If so how does DistributeYourArticles differ from Article Submitter?


    Sotonye Afiesimama

  7. Hi Lawrence,

    You have a beautiful family! What did you use on your blog to get that corner peel away and the pop-up? I'm assuming they were plugins…


    Update: And this Disqus thing…I like it!!

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