All of this was done part time while working as a mechanical engineer and working nights
*** Income Disclaimer – Results are not typical and are highly dependent on personal action taken***

Here is my Lead Generation Numbers Below (I did NOT BUY THESE)

This is ONE of my income streams. It just so happens my marketing system pays very well.

Look, attraction marketing with a funded proposal is a killer combo. I am living proof this type of business model works. I give value to people who seek me out. There is no need to convince people to join anything. Position yourself to Solve Problems.

If you want to work with me personally log into my site and take the $1 Trial for 2 weeks. This is my interview process. I only work with highly motivated individuals who are looking to make it in this industry. I will NOT HOLD YOUR HAND.

Be responsible for your business and I will teach you the exact methods I personally used to get where I am today.


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Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

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