Cold Weather and Candy!

By far October is one of my favorite months. Holiday season starts to set in, the weather is getting chilly which means food and movie nights with family; Plus we all get to be goofy with costumes and eat candy. What were you for Halloween this year?

My sister busted out this image from the archives..

Lawrence Tam Childhood Dreams

lawrence tam kid1382433_10201551629329250_1544853582_n

Look, we are kids at sometime in our life… and this just summed up mine… dressing like a FOB with a crooked bowl cut.

I turned out okay! It's just funny to see where you came from 😉

No matter WHERE  you come from… you will KNOW your life's journey was there to prepare you for TODAY.

My asian fro is still a pretty be part of me… I just didn't see it coming as a kid. figure I would be rocking an adult bowl cut 😉

This month was fairly busy. We had family activities, a great regional event in Dallas were a lot of my team members got to speak on stage, I finished reading a few awesome books (That I highly recommend) and also tweaked my SEO resource page for you.


The Big D -> DALLAS!!


As you may have caught on, I attend our Internet Marketing events ~ 3 months. Last one was held in Denver. This time around we ended up doing regional events instead of doing national events and I must say I enjoyed the regionals.

I got to spend more time with people and do more 1 on 1 coaching/training. It's harder to do that when there are 6,000 people. Bigger is good but it's not always better, it's different.

I have learned that smaller settings allow for better focus and more time with those that matter.

Would you agree?

One thing that made me proud was being able to see many of my team members and students speak on stage and share their stories. I am happy because they all have dreams just like I did and basically… they proved themselves they too can fulfill them.
Here are a few pictures.










Congrats to the speakers in my teams who rocked the STAGE!

You are ALL superstars, you guys rocked it and I'm sad to say I was only able to attend 2 of the 4 events. Those of you in DC And Cali I wished to have seen you crush it on stage.

One of the things I learned from my mentors was to make sure you surround yourself with talent. I have to say…. the people I surround myself is a clear indication I am GROWING.

Make sure you associate and run with high performers, people who are hungry, and people who LOVE life. Not a bad turnout for our team… 19 speakers in 4 events representing a company that has about ~200k customers.

*in no particular order*

  1. Toby and Layla Black
  2. Avram Gonzales and Nikki Magdelena
  3. Samuel Levitz
  4. Traci Rueter
  5. Kameron George (had a scheduling conflict but will speak again)
  6. Carl and Carol Willis
  7. Val Taylor
  8. Stevie Knight
  9. Tissa Godavitarne
  10. Debbie Turner
  11. Dwayne Pyle
  12. Joel LoBalsamo (scheduling conflict but will have another shot)
  13. Juanita Waterman
  14. Marisol Dennis
  15. Jeff and Elaine McNabb
  16. Kaela Kanae
  17. Crystal Curtis
  18. Erica and Alex Udeanu
  19. Lisa Torres Allen

Nutty Fun 😉


So if you have been following me for awhile you know I like to eat… I hold back at times and at other times I go ALL OUT… This was for the Dallas speakers and wanted to share them the love of In and Out 😉

I thought the staff, security, speakers appreciated it… I sure did.



This was one of the night clubs we went to for the top earners in Empower after the Dallas convention.
I have NOT stepped foot into a club for like… um… 10+ years. It was an interesting place and I actually danced (or just jumped around) …

fun times to let loose and have a good time with some friends.

4:00am….. rolled around and I GOT my super peeps sleeping .. HAHHAHAHAAH

Andrea looks like she's in a cocoon and Traci is KNOCKED out.
Don't let your guard down with social media marketers…. pictures like this tend to pop up on Facebook.

All in good fun!!!!! I'm glad they had a good time 😉



Build your OWN future and I’ll be here to support you with our team, and systems. Let me show you that the above is possible for you too.

 Let Me In

–>> Join Our Growing Team Here

Orlando Last Minute Addition

I wasn't planning on going to orlando but the week before I decided to go.

I had too many cool customers and clients and TEAM MEMBERS I wanted to meet and mastermind with.

The Mansion Party In Orlando With My Team Mates AWOL


so this was a bowling alley IN a house… yeah the house was SICK

Jonathan Roumain's sick video above showed the fun and games… and it shows the TEAM….
AWOL is another awesome team breathing LIFE into the world…. showing people even PART TIME who can leverage the internet to build an awesome lifestyle.

I'm so proud to work with them and how we have so many cultures, ages, professions and just awesome people who are partaking into what we call

The Life….

All of us market empower network… why?  because it allows freedom of you who are and you can do it…

I started Part Time…

You don't have to be rich to be happy…but being rich makes so much more fun 😉


Orlando Event was Jamming



Our next event will be held in Miami the end of January 2014. I highly recommend you buying tickets and joining me there. I would love to meet you!
This even is for all affiliates and customers. For more information go here:




One thing I know for a fact is that I never stop learning and growing. It's important, in anything you do that you continue to grow, learn, apply and master. These are just a few books that I have now added to my list that have contributed to some personal and business development. Likewise I push you to do the same for yourself.  What are some of your favorite books? Leave a comment below.


Book recommendations:


This book talks about achieving Massive Action to generate the results you want in your business. Written by the man, Grant Cardone. He was also a self made individual with an inspiring story. This book definitely helped me and I know it can help you. Check it out HERE


This book is very simple. A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. Check it out here


House Hunting

I have been house hunting for about a year now and have decided to build a custom home in Sugar Land. It's near both my parents and my in laws plus in a school zone we want our 3 kids to go.

Here is one thing we noticed in our neighbors house which is almost done. I really like the ceiling details. I have no clue what it's called and just took a picture and asked our builder to have something like that implemented.

I realized that a lot of what I do in marketing is “borrowed” or better yet “Learned” from those before me.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel in everything you do why not just go in and see what OTHERS are doing. Just like how I am designing my home.



And with house shopping and designing them you gotta start looking for furniture.. I couldn't help myself and did a shot for one of the people I think is hilarious — George Costanza



SEO and Google

Now I know what you are thinking… either you love SEO and all the techy geek stuff like I do… or you are telling yourself…

“Well I am done reading here.”

But wait… this information is good for you too. Want to know why?

Cause if you use a little something called Google at least 1 time a day… then you should know how it works. Whether you are a blogger for fun, have any kind of business or are just a consumer… understanding the internet and the different marketing techniques that occur within it is pretty powerful. How do you think Google makes it's billions every quarter?

Marketing and knowing how to give you exactly what you are looking for. Which is why I made you this special Infograph to learn and follow along.

To access the awesome Infograph, Click the image below.

lawrence tam SEO(1)

Being Yourself

I took the kids to the county fair and couldn't help myself… I was told to not play with my food…
1) it is at the county fair
2) it is cotton candy
3) be free to be a kid again 😉
4) being confident in your in body … even with hello kitty bandaids



Family Time

Make sure you always have time for family. Gotta do it.

Even being an entrepreneur you will sometimes work crazy hours and a LOT of them… It's all good. You are worth the pay raise and hard work can be enjoyable!

Spend time with your loved ones and don't be shy in sharing it with your customers and your subscribers…. why?

You are showing them you are HUMAN and WHY you do what you do. It's not about just selling things… it's about being attached to WHY someone would trust you. Trust comes over time.

My WHY is to spend more time with my family AND to have it setup for the future. I didn't see that lifestyle in Engineering…
Hence why I went on to start learning about online business in 2009.

Time With My Dad

So here is my dad.. he insisted he hold 2 beers in the picture.. HILARIOUS.

We  had some pretty good seats watching Andre Johnson from the Houston Texans.



Time With My Kids

So since I'm a stay home dad with my wife now… we both have more time to attend our school functions.

The image on the left is a pumpkin that went rotten…. WHOLLY MOLLY that looks awesome. hahahah

So after the pumpkin carving I was able to read a charlie brown book to the 1st graders. “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” by Charles M. Schulz


click to enlarge



My RANT on College


I want the best for my kids… and Stanford is one college I would like them to go to. Tuition is $41k and room/board is $12k per year.

That is TODAY's price…. in about 10 years for my daughter and 17 for my youngest son… Tuition has spiked in the years I've been to University of Texas at Austin. I believe it's anywhere from 8-15% annual growth… that is INSANE.

Make sure you plan accordingly if you want your kids to have a solid education..

yes… I work from home but I also realize If i can have my kids become a doctor… I want them to have the best education.

They will STILL be learning internet marketing from their dad of course 😉 My goal for my kids is to have them making $10k/month before the graduate college on their OWN online properties and affiliate marketing systems.

My RANT on College – OFF


Was able to also go to the Aquarium with the kids for a birthday party in downtown Houston. It's pretty cool to be able to feed the stingrays.
Now I would prefer they release them into the wild later on but after hundreds hand feed them for years it's probably not a good bet they would last in the wild.

Awareness is important…. just don't know where the line is for when you make money on it for a profit (you must to stay in business) but at the expense of animal's life. I just hope they are doing it for good and not just ONLY profiting on customers coming to see them.

I went to a LIVE and in the wild sting ray location in the Cayman Islands… I'll show you those and how that is different that this.

Either way. My kids got to learn about them which they would never would have unless we took them to cool things like this.



Oh Halloween

So I took this picture of my son (18months now) in his bat costume. My other son who is now 7 was Ash (from pokemon) but was no where to be found in the house… running around and eating candy or something.. My beautiful wife went as a Pikachu.

My daughter wanted to be a ninja but didn't like wearing the mask… and my sister with the crazy eyes was doing the anime look. HILARIOUS and scary… baby didn't like it. hahahah

the owl cupcakes were made buy our friend and they looked sooooo cool so had to post it here.


So as always, thank you for staying connected and reading in. I want you to take away great value when you come visit me and my blog.

If you want to learn how and what I do… Here are 10 videos that will get you going (no opt in necessary) and how to LEARN how to Fish like a super affiliate internet marketer 😉

Remember to share with others and leave your comments below.

See you next time!

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


saqamaweb · November 27, 2013 at 10:14 am

LT, Thanks…good ezine; very real and fun.  I am already 350 days with EN…Grinding 20hrs daily with 450 blogs done…Zero Online sales but offline 5 recruits in the Team earned Only $150/- residual income… My  in alexa shot from 20M to 4M; not bad.  I am held back with Visa issuance problem: pending of my 12 court cases over Project Development 13 years ago. I really wish to attend Event. ALLIN; learning to install all the fixtures; coordinates; and Doing Things Right!  I believe, I will join you in one of your affiliate business…Pls. Advice me as newbie…take a look at my Cantonese Blog…and laugh! Drunken Angel of Env2 in Cantonese; saqamaweb… I hope to do all EN mandarin/Indonesian Translation; if permission is granted…Beye… Blessed Christmas…Take care.  I will appreciate, if your care to teach me or give me critic ways to “Get Result”…looking at my google analytic…a lot blockages unresolved…I am struggling.   Love from Albert Soo Quai Meng. Malaysia

    Lawrence Tam · November 30, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    i would focus on 15k formula to tighten up your adcopy

spooon · November 25, 2013 at 10:31 pm

DonnaCicotte1 thats my LIFE!!!! that’s exactly what I want to share with the world… we are all unique and we share so much in common…..
I love the weird stuff but find some stuff TOO weird…
It’s the wonderful world of connecting with other… thanks for stopping by!

spooon · November 25, 2013 at 10:30 pm

Marcus Harvey thanks!

Marcus Harvey · November 25, 2013 at 10:02 pm

Great job LT!

DonnaCicotte1 · November 25, 2013 at 9:49 pm

Your post and photos are great, LT – some of them crack me up!  Best of all, though, is that I can completely “see” you (in my imagination) standing in front of me, telling and showing me this stuff.  That’s the power of live events – getting to see your mentors in action, getting to meet them.  Then, when they post owl cupcakes, halloween costumes, tray ceilings and Hello Kitty bandaids…you can imagine them hopping around telling you about it in person…sporting a cotton candy mustache…and it all makes sense…and it all makes you smile.  Thanks for the post!

alecia_mlmleads · November 25, 2013 at 2:25 pm


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