I know this is on short notice but wanted to invite you to some events I'm throwing in Austin Texas….

If you are in the area of Austin, TX  from Jan 18-21, 2013… here are a couple things you can show up to 😉


1) I'm having an open to the public lunchin with my team and myself.
Pre-order tickets online as tickets at the door will be more expensive



Empower Network Event

2) We will be at the Austin Hilton Hotel from friday to sunday.

I have 2 tickets to the next team members who come into my team here <

these tickets are normally $150 but right now we are SOLD out so you can't even buy them. This event is ONLY for new members so your not even supposed to show up until your a member… so join my team, email me your in and want one of my 2 tickets 😉










Monday Full On Marketing Training Day

3) I am hosting a full on internet marketing training in the Austin Hilton hotel. We will be tackling a lot of the questions to how I sponsored over 700 people online part time into empower and why traffic and conversions work for my funnel… lots to discuss so it's from 9-3pm with some small breaks.

To get a ticket online, at the door prices go up, go here to claim a seat



I look forward to meeting a lot of you in person 😉


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Lawrence Tam

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