You can start a website very easily and establish yourself and a business online IF done correctly. There are many ways to start a website using free mediums but that is by far the worst way to make serious money in the long run.

The nature and appearance of your website can help market your business.  It can also help increase the website ranking within the internet search engines by being found for free. I will offer you all the secrets on how you can start a website at very little cost but make it appeal to the visitors all the time. Having an inexpensive website doesn't make it cheap. You can make one basically for the price of a happy meal once a month.start a website

No person would ever wish or think of owning a website that is hardly visited. I mean why start if your going to fail, right?

You start a website so that the visitors can visit and enjoy content and hang around. I will teach you how to start a website that is superior as compared to the others and how to keep it in line to what search engines want.


How To Start A Website – No Experience Needed


You can start a website without any prior experience. You just need to decide on the name of your website. Your domain name must be unique from all the existing ones. Think of it as an address and you want it easy for someone to find you and come back again. This can be easily done if you just focus on starting a website you love.


I highly recommend that you select domain name that resembles or sounds close to the nature or name of your business.  You will be required to purchase the domain name. There are many companies that offer website domain services and the one I pretty much use these days is NameCheap.


Some companies may offer you bonus free domain names if your host several websites with them. It is not very easy to get absolutely free domain name when you want to start a website so be prepared to incur some costs. I would rather not have a free domain with a hosting company for a couple reasons but if your going to be collecting domains it's not a big deal. If your going to have one then buy it separate.


You have to select the company that will host your website. Most companies charge some web hosting fee but there are some few which may offer free web hosting. You should note that the paid companies offer better web hosting services. If this is where you will be making money do NOT go with a free webhosting company.

Trust me.

I use HostGator for the most part and I used it due to the great uptime, good customer service, good price, and special 25% promo code I got (25% coupon code – startawebsitehostgator).

Here is a 4 part training course I did to: How To Start A Website From Scratch


How To Start A Website – Package All the Needs Of Your Website Together


You should package all the needs of your website together and then request for better and fair price.  Most companies will directly assist you if you want to start a website by offering you existing template designs which you just need to edit and than put in your web content. I have a personal contractor who will do it as long as you have your domain and hosting account setup.

You can check out my personal contractor here and their special rates I have setup for my students and customers.

Generally, the cost of hosting a website will depend on the amount of data in the website. Images, videos and high resolution graphics take a large space and may cost you more. Your generally not going to hit a new price range for a long time. Dedicated servers for most will never be necessary due to not needing the added traffic buffer.


You have to decide on the number of pages and the amount of data that your website will contain.  You should read and research over the internet to get ideas of what to include or not to include in your website. This is a minor point but will help organize what  you wish to host on your website.


If you want to get more from me  about how to start a website you can visit the banner below.


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