The Google Keyword Sandbox is alive and kicking. If you have been doing a good amount of website creation, article marketing, SEO, blogging, and video marketing you would have experienced this before.

So What Is The Google Keyword Sandbox?

The Google Keyword Sandbox is a normal occurrence a market will experience if they build too many links to their website too quickly.The normal rankings for the site in terms of SERP will basically drop the site off the radar in dramatic fashion.

So Is the Google Keyword Sandbox Bad?

Many webmaster fear the google keyword sandbox because the whole point of search engine marketing is to get found organically with search engines and especially with  Google. More experienced marketers will probably have experienced one or both of these results with a google sandbox.

1) The site gets google keyword sandboxed and drops off the rankings and stays there for some time.

2) The sit gets google keyword sandboxed and drops off but reappears at a higher ranking.

Many will discourage people from experiencing the google keyword sandbox because if you don't rank your site makes no money. So these types of marketers are always teaching build slow and steady. For the most part that is a great way to play by the rules but I would suggest going for the sandbox 😉

I believe in my experience to date that as long as you are experiencing the google keyword sandbox then you are moving, and moving is a good thing.

I've ranked many sites and some might be sandboxed for a very long time but others in a day or so. I would suggest to not attempt this method of marketing if you only have 1 website.

But, if you know you want to rank fast then the Google Keyword Sandbox is a great way to know your about to jump up in rankings 😉

Article Marketing Automation and Google Keyword Sandbox

Article Marketing Automation is one of the few backlinking tools I use today. I wanted to ask their support staff on the subject of the panda update and google keyword sandbox.

The below is their response:

Hey Lawrence,

Thank you for contacting Article Maketing Support. I'll be more than happy to assist you today

Rapid ranking moves (specially through the use of article marketing) can be accompanied by a sandbox in the google search engine. This just basically means that they take you out of the search results and evaluate where you should fit in again.

Apparently, this is all part of a normal process and there is no need to panic. Just go ahead and continue your promotion activities and after a few weeks or so, you should see your site rankings bounce back up. Just don't get too aggressive like submitting several articles in 1 day as you may end up getting penalized for having too many links that may emulate unnatural activity.

Also don't forget to continually update your site with fresh content as google also looks at the content-link ratio. e.g. having 1,000 links to your site that only has 5 pieces of content on it just doesn't make sense, if you get what I mean. When it comes to building links and building your site, everything has to emulate organic growth and activity.

In general, we have not noticed a dip in rankings that is coinciding with the release of the farmer update. Most AMA sites have not been affected since AMA is a network of people with real sites and not a closed loop private network which the google farmer update supposedly targets. No one really knows though exactly what the Google farmer update contains and Google is very vague in their description of the update. I would suggest to continue with your sumbissions in AMA and give it a few weeks to see if your rankings pick up.

Additionally, if you have other means of promoting your site aside from AMA, like submitting to article directories and private networks, then be careful since they may be affected by the Google update.

I hope this helps.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Have a great day!

Kind Regards,


Learn to market and learn that the google keyword sandbox is just an indicator of the big G of taking notice. Keep building links and work with good content.

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Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

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