Google Keyword Sandbox Real?

The Google Keyword Sandbox is alive and kicking. If you have been doing a good amount of website creation, article marketing, SEO, blogging, and video marketing you would have experienced this before.

So What Is The Google Keyword Sandbox?

The Google Keyword Sandbox is a normal occurrence a market will experience if they build too many links to their website too quickly.The normal rankings for the site in terms of SERP will basically drop the site off the radar in dramatic fashion.

So Is the Google Keyword Sandbox Bad?

Many webmaster fear the google keyword sandbox because the whole point of search engine marketing is to get found organically with search engines and especially with  Google. More experienced marketers will probably have experienced one or both of these results with a google sandbox.

1) The site gets google keyword sandboxed and drops off the rankings and stays there for some time.

2) The sit gets google keyword sandboxed and drops off but reappears at a higher ranking. (more…)