So what would you think today is a good business to start in this type of economy?

Let's look at some other business models then dive into what I do online and offline.

Good Business to Start – Quiznos Sandwich Shop?

Everybody has to eat right? So a food chain with a proven system should be a good bet, right?
I'm not saying this is a BAD business model but given what I'm about to show  you by all means form your own opinions.

Information below has been gathered from

Investment Range: $12,500* – $280,000

*For re-opens of previous Quiznos® locations only and with qualified financing. Not available on start up opportunities or standard transfers. Interested parties should have at least $12,500 to invest.

What's my initial investment to open a Quiznos?

“The total investment to begin operation of a traditional Quiznos restaurant ranges from $186,835 and $316,485 (excluding Real Estate costs), depending on the region you build in and the size of your restaurant. This covers all costs, including the franchise fee, architects, even your initial food order. Please review our current Franchise Disclosure Document for more details.”

Now if your not part of a home business but looking at numbers like the above are very common in franchises.


These aren't so common in say a home based business. There is a reason why I love to build a business in network marketing or affiliate marketing due to the low start up cost. Too many get caught up in the bottom dollar to how much you can make but before you can start counting your nest egg you better have the start up capital to even run the business.

A Legit Good Business To Start – Will Not Have Guarantees

How do I estimate my profit from owning a Quiznos?

“There are strict regulations in the franchise industry that limit our ability to estimate how successful your business could be. You need to do this yourself, but we can give some guidance.

Your sales primarily depend on the quality of the site, and your skill as an operator. So to estimate what your sales might be, look at other Quiznos restaurants that are in similar sites to the one you are reviewing. Find one with similar demographics (nearby employer and residence counts), and similar visibility and traffic. Ask that operator what their sales are. Adjust the number based on how good of an operator you believe him or her to be. Is the staff efficient and friendly? Is the dining area clean?”

Remember, we are in a business. No matter how great the business you just can't do that. The businesses I'm part of and just like Quiznos it's all about the system, products, services, demand, and support. Lots of other things come into play but understanding a business has no way to guarantee profit is a very big eye opener to many I train.

It's not that a bad business would try and trick you or whatever they do these days but if your about to join a good business to start these days it's generally attached with a clause to not make it “money in the bank”.

Good Business To Start – Mixture of Startup and Potential

I'm all about the risk reward. I'm not about to drop $200,000 on a food franchise just because there is a good system. I've worked as a waiter before and restaurant hours just don't work for me. Not to bash those who gravitate to this type of business model but this doesn't float my boat.

I prefer a good business to start that has a lower initial investment in time and money. Plus I would prefer a very high end ceiling depending on my OWN business success.

Systems are very important but not at the cost of being a slave to the business because of being too heavily invested in it.

I am part of a business that costs less than $500 to start and has been able to pay me back way more than expected. Why?

My on going costs on top of my low initial buy in leaves me money to go ADVERTISE 😉

That's a lacking ingredient to so many that don't have the additional funds to push their business into the black quickly. In my business I was in the black that very same night. That's the difference. What do you want to do and can you apply what you learn to a system long enough to see results?

So what do I think is a good business to start?

good business to startWhat do you think your “paper money” that is no longer backed by gold is worth today? What will it be worth in 20 – 50 years? Do you remember what it cost to buy a coke? Have you seen what it costs to pay for a 4 year college education? What is paper really worth these days?

Then you know why I have built a sustainable home business with Numis Network.

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Phil · June 15, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Quiznos is a terrible franchise. Just do some research and you will find that over 1000 of their franchise locations have closed. Franchisees have lost their life savings, home, filed bankruptcy. One franchisee in Long Beach, CA commited suicide over the treatment he got from Quiznos. Quiznos aggresively sues its franchisees. Pretty much, any business is better than Quiznos. I think their food is actually pretty good, but they charge their franchisees too much for supplies and the franchisees find it difficult to survive.

    Lawrence Tam · June 16, 2011 at 1:57 am

    excellent response. but how would someone know right? I mean your talking to a business who wants to sell you the opportunity to sell it’s “system”. that system being the process of selling toasty subs. Great product for the end user but how about the business owner?

    this is exactly why some businesses are a huge risk. What are you willing to risk? Don’t think that ONLY expensive franchises are the only ones that can help folks make money.

    Thanks Phil for that addition. ( I actually prefer them over subway)

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