Good Business To Start Regardless Of Experience

So what would you think today is a good business to start in this type of economy?

Let's look at some other business models then dive into what I do online and offline.

Good Business to Start – Quiznos Sandwich Shop?

Everybody has to eat right? So a food chain with a proven system should be a good bet, right?
I'm not saying this is a BAD business model but given what I'm about to show  you by all means form your own opinions.

Information below has been gathered from

Investment Range: $12,500* – $280,000

*For re-opens of previous Quiznos® locations only and with qualified financing. Not available on start up opportunities or standard transfers. Interested parties should have at least $12,500 to invest.

What's my initial investment to open a Quiznos?

“The total investment to begin operation of a traditional Quiznos restaurant ranges from $186,835 and $316,485 (excluding Real Estate costs), depending on the region you build in and the size of your restaurant. This covers all costs, including the franchise fee, architects, even your initial food order. Please review our current Franchise Disclosure Document for more details.”

Now if your not part of a home business but looking at numbers like the above are very common in franchises. (more…)