Entrepreneurs know the value of social media to market their businesses. In fact, more than two-thirds of people will begin online when they are searching for a product or service. They will use search engines or read reviews or do both. A number of them will talk about a product or service on Facebook or Instagram. They will watch videos about a product or service. Therefore, if you are not online and using social media, you are missing customers.

  1. You should start by researching the various social media sites. You need to find the one that is a good fit for your company. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and you want your marketing to be effective. When you have too many, it will be a negative impact on your brand.
  2. You should to be consistent with your logo and pictures. Your logo, brand name and profile pictures should all be recognizable. This establishes you in the minds of your customers. When you see a giant M, you immediately think of McDonald’s restaurant. You want the same for your brand. When customers see your logo, you want them to think of you first.
  3. You want your content to be valuable and shareable. People like to share positive stories and helpful hints. They like to share pictures and videos. At the same time, you want the content you create to mean something to your company and industry. You want to show you are an expert, and your brand is the best one for customers to choose. When you post, pick a tone that is relevant to your brand’s philosophy and your company. Figure out what content will give you the most visibility.
  4. Engage your customers. You want to take part in the discussion, not just on your social media sites, but on other people’s sites as well. Contact those people who are the leaders in social content for your industry. You can talk about those leaders in your posts on your sites. You want to connect with them and have them connect to you. The goal is to get these leaders to share your posts with their friends and family.


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Thinking of Using Facebook?

Once you have established your brand and developed the right content that leaders in your industry are sharing, you want to maximize your exposure through Facebook. To accomplish that task, you must use your Facebook data correctly.

  1. Establish your Facebook business page. When you get people to like a page, your content is transmitted to your customers’ pages. They can see all your posts. This is only the barest amount, Forbes said. Because of the structure of Facebook pages, you are unable to individualize your content for users. You also don’t learn characteristics about your customers.
  2. Advertise with Facebook. Although advertising on Facebook carries many of the same limitations, you can target a specific group when you advertise. The price of doing a short-term Facebook ad is minimal compared to advertising elsewhere for worse results. The advantage of using Facebook advertising is that you can reach a broad audience, but you are unable to personalize the ad or offer loyalty perks.
  3. Create a Facebook application to target your customers and send a personalized message to them. A well designed app can bring personalized, targeted, personalized content to your consumers. Plus, apps can also promote offers, merchandise in a better manner and help brand awareness, and loyalty. Such apps require users to give permission for you to use their data. Facebook allows the creator to collect data from the application programming interface that is necessary to create the app.


Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time

If you concentrate on your content and the sites that are best for your company, you will create brand loyalty. You can personalize your message to those customers who support your brand 100 percent by creating Facebook applications. You have to use the data you can mine when you are creating the application. The characteristics and traits of your customers will tell you the best message to send, which will be shared and help build your following even more. Then, you will get the maximum exposure for your company from your social media.


Matei Gavril

Mateil Gavril is president and CEO of PrMediaOnline.com. He is a creative marketing manager with a proven record of driving revenue gains and brand awareness through the intelligent use of social media.


taucan62 · October 5, 2022 at 2:55 am

what customers?

Josh Paiva · July 13, 2016 at 2:10 pm

Hey Lawrence, picked up some good tips from your post. Always looking for more leads and applying new strategies with Social Media. Thanks again.

Howard Lowe · May 21, 2016 at 12:59 pm

I was in the process of the affiliate and I wanted to make sure my website would be perfect far hadling multiple companies that I was going to represent and went blank more like stuck because of all the diferent ways I could set it up I kneed some help. I tried fretting intouch with John to but havent herd back from him. I’m hate to fail.

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