So how did I generate website traffic using my friend, friends friends, and complete strangers?

Generate Website Traffic

Generate website traffic

Generate Website Traffic

The key to learn how to generate website traffic is to find out what works within your own budget. You can always rent someone's list or just pump a ton of traffic with pay per click (PPC) traffic but…..

This is FREE advertising.

When was the last time you had a complete stranger take your message and tell all of their friends?

yeah, I know. It's Bizarro World.

But it works. The system works on the whole principle to give onto others and you shall receive. The system has rules in place to encourage this type of behavior and you WILL get traffic like this IF YOU USE IT CORRECTLY.

Driving a car backwards will get you from point B to point B but it's not the BEST WAY.

Generate Website Traffic – To Even Dead Sites

My website above hasn't done much. It was poorly built for a keyword that has no real traffic. That was my fault. I didn't do the homework but I still keep it around since it does still convert traffic even with 1-2 hits a day.

What this has done is send a spike to my clickbank and hops to offers I have on that site. I find this interesting since I didn't have to physically pay per click to get those visitors there. The name of the business is to drive traffic to pieces of content that you have offers for. Be it trying to sell a service, or product.

People's business just straight up suck online when they are unable to drive traffic. From using SEO to video marketing if your not getting eyeballs to your content to sell you or whatever your pushing your not going to make money.


You make money from people. People with credit cards are the ones buying your products, joining your business, or signing up to use your service. If you don't have traffic your going to be on a island no one knows about.

If  your ready to dive into my training on how I generate traffic to even a dead website within days and not weeks, click the banner below and get going to learn how to generate website traffic.

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