It's sad but true that you need to learn how to generate website traffic regardless of your past panda

The above is one of my sites that bit the big on. Google Panda decided to destroy my site. I'm looking at methods to reviving this site but it's interesting to see how fast the landscape can change.

The one true lesson I learned from this is that you better generate website traffic from many different methods.

Generate Website Traffic – Panda Free

So my other site has had an explosion of traffic. Look at the below image.

Social network marketing

So how is it different?

Why did one site explode and another tank?

The one thing you need to learn is that being a marketer doesn't stop when you grow. You have to continue to learn even when you feel you have reached some milestones. Most of what you learn will be changed if not altered along the way.

Learn to be hungry about online marketing and you will ride through it.

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