So what is the Facebook Graph Search For Marketers? How can you use it?

Graph search for NON marketers… I have no idea what you would use it for besides.. hooking up with other people in your area..

But for marketers… 

I Introduce to you the 

Facebook Graph Search For Marketers Demo


Things To Consider – Facebook Graph Search For Marketers – Listen Up

  1. You can really use this to your advantage if you do any Facebook PPC
  2. You can really put ad copy to another level by knowing a little bit about your Avatar and then pulling people to you with an ad that CALLS them out 😉
  3. The possibilities are endless and depending on the niche you are in. Do you visit other competitors? Do you snoop into verticals in your own niche? What this does is really narrow down your audience to say a couple hundred.. you have so much MORE information to be able to “serve” them.
    1. Think Weight Loss and your a personal trainer
      1. Gyms in the local area (life time fitness or higher end gyms)
      2. those people like a certain health food. say My Fit Foods
      3. those people shop at whole foods
      4. those people like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes….
      5. those people are female and over 24
      6. those people also like Lulu Lemon

 To apply for the Facebook Graph Search if you haven't already -> Click HERE for Graph Search (it's Free)


Depending on how you take this information and run with it… what are your thoughts?

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