Ez Wealth solutions is one of the many businesses that claim to help people make money online. Everyone’s heard of how easy it is to make money on the internet; but with the increasing number of scams, most of us are scared to try out such offers. Here’s an appraisal of Ez Wealth to help you judge if this is a real opportunity or one of those scams.

Who’s behind Ez Wealth Solutions?

Ron Walsh is the founder of CEO of this network marketing company. The first obstacle he encountered in setting up the business was that most people were not willing to pay to join an online MLM opportunity. This is understandable, considering the number of scams we see every day. So Ron Walsh introduced the pay-it-forward system where the distributor’s initial fee is sponsored by his backer. He just has to pay the admin fee of $10.

The Ez Wealth Solutions Concept

Ez Wealth Solutions has over 700 high quality digital products to offer to customers. By becoming a rep of this business, you become a reseller and get rights to sell these products. As a reseller, you get 100% commission on the products you sell. Sounds too good to be true? Where’s the catch?

Distributors of this business say there’s no catch. They offer a further incentive when you they offer to pay forward your joining fee. There are five levels to join in and the fee ranges from $47 to $997. You can get your sponsor to pay this fee for you if you undertake to sponsor another person into the business. Once you get a sponsor, you can take the online tour to check out the working of Ez Wealth solutions and from there on, your work is easy.

Is This Business The Answer To Your MLM search?

–       The company sells high quality products that are received well. Some of these ebooks have their own selling material to help you market them.

–       You get paid immediately after a sale and what’s more; you get full proceeds of the sale as a reseller.

–       You don’t have to pay your way in; you can sponsor others after you’ve made some money with your sales. Your sponsor becomes your coach and helps you market the products and the business opportunity.

Ez Wealth Solutions Drawbacks?

–       The higher the level you’re in, the better the quality of products you sell. This doesn’t mean products for beginners are bad; but you’d need excellent marketing skills to bring in consistent business from these products. Setting up an internet lead generation system will help you in achieving your network marketing business targets.

–       The Pay It Forward system makes it all the more important for you to strengthen your MLM recruiting and build your downline because that’s the only way you keep getting funded for sponsoring others.

Selling Ez Wealth Solutions

This is a legitimate business opportunity that could fetch good returns if you put in some honest effort. Though the company and your sponsor can train you in making a sale, they won’t teach you the tricks of internet lead generation or network marketing recruiting. If all that you’re going to do is to try and convince your friends to subscribe to your products, you’ll not make much in this business. Most people are tired of listening to product pitches from friends. Instead, use the far reaching powers of social media to contact people who show interest in your product and the business. Network marketing recruiting is a much easier task when it’s done professionally with the help of online tools. EZ Wealth Solutions could work if you learned how to get people to look at it in volume. Learn how below.

Ez Wealth Solutions


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artfulls · February 8, 2014 at 2:40 pm


Yes Valerie, well said. You should have typed that out in bold capital letters!

I joined last week, spent some money advertising my links –  but nothing yet.

Valerie · May 12, 2011 at 7:00 pm

its sounds okay but who really knows with all the scams that are out there.

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