Do You Take Proper Advice?

As you can see from these as of right now 74 comments… what are your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Do You Take Proper Advice?

  1. @ Would you rather have Lawrence be straight with someone and tell them what they need to do in order to succeed or not be straight with them to spare their feelings? Feelings don’t matter in this context at all. If that person really cared about their success, they’d put their ego aside, listen, and be grateful for the communication regardless of how it was delivered.

  2. He got what he should hear & wanted a freebie couldnt get his hand out do he complained. Lawrence point out that you have a deaf friend(me) who started my business when i was on ssi living on 705 a month, yet I stuck to it I did not give up & now I’m all in. I listen to what you said then put mt head down & want to work. You’d be suprised at how many times I get asked will you pay my way in (ahhh Hell NO) you don’t make money by giving it away.

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