What Is An Entrepreneur

What is an Entrepreneur – Online Experts Chime In

Outside of holding a descent job, getting paid a salary or honest wage, or being happily employed…..

Are the “other” people that go about their life approaching their dreams and goals a bit differently. The average person seeing someone LEAVE their corporate job or someone abandon their career.. might seem… crazy.

We are the Crazy One's

what is an entrepreneur

The average person won't get it… they don't understand it. And that's okay.

But most people who take this plunge are called Entrepreneurs. (they do it for a reason.. a big one)

So to better understand who we are and what is an entrepreneur we decided to collect a group of Real Life Entrepreneurs to define what is means to be one or become one (some people are born into it and others are literally thrown into it out of necessity).

So these industry experts, and real life entrepreneurs are going to answer the question.

What Is An Entrepreneur?


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Lawrence Tam $100,000 per month retired engineer