I'll start of and say before you even think or consider to join mlm stuff these days you gotta read the article below.

Do Smart People Join MLM Stuff?

I call it the MLM stuff because it's pretty much a mix bag. It might as well be like one of those vending machines where you see some good stuff in the glass but you know when you put your quarter (these days it's more like 4 quarters) into the vending machine to roll out some crappy ring or gumball it's a random selection of what was at the bottom.

The hard thing to swallow is that it's at the bottom and even if the best stuff is visible there is still crap down below.

In any industry or anything in life there is good quality stuff and bad quality stuff. I mean if not then everything will just be average stuff.

So in the context of knowing there is “good” and “bad” quality grades in everything, let's ask the question if smart people join mlm businesses?

Heck yeah they do.

I mean Warren Buffett actually owns a mlm business.

If you don't know what mlm business stands for it's short for = Multi Level Business which are LEGAL around the world.

The legit ones that is.

Before You Join MLM – Do Your Homework

I mean like anything you need to do some homework. I mean who jumps into things without a little bit of research right? oops. Spoke too soon. I remember people I thought where at least a little bit intelligent would just roll up to a car dealership buying a car without any prior knowledge of the car in terms of price at least.

I thought that was crazy but people do that still with anything and I wanted to make sure if your looking to join mlm stuff or are in one now that you do your homework to what is the most important factor of anything in business.


Don't sleep on this. If your going to join mlm stuff or have joined mlm stuff in the past you know it's all about moving product and showing people how to do the same. No business is any different.


I take that back. MLM doesn't cast $100,000 to start up like these other top tier franchises to flip burgers and sell cokes. This works for some but the initial cost to get into a standard franchise is off the wall crazy. I've been hearing horror stories of Quizno sub shop owners getting slammed by the corporate office. Scary stuff when you know you have invested well over $50,000 of your own money into a business that won't pay you back.

But advertising will generally cure most ills in business. If you join mlm stuff it's no different.

If you can market to people who want your products or services you will make money. If you make money then you know you have a vehicle to share with others to make money.

People these days have no job or hate their job. Then we have other's who work a job and realize they can't even retire. I mean how sad is that?

Realizing early that companies do NOT have your best interest in mind when they tell you that you gotta work 50 weeks and only have 2 weeks of vacation. Then when your ready to retire you realized you didn't have enough to live on or worse yet your so old you can't even do the “retirement activities” you wanted when you were younger like live on a beach and surf all day.

Understanding that people don't want  money but the benefits of money.

This is why people go to a job or start a business. The want the benefits of what the money provides.

Now there are special people like doctors and teachers that we need more of and money should never be the draw for these types of professions but it's sad. I've known so many hard working teachers who get paid peanuts.


But if those teachers where well compensated if they were to join mlm stuff then it's settled. Money is no longer the handicap because they can continue to educate our youth and still go do stuff they wanted to do like go to culinary school, go to Bora Bora, get a flying license, got cage diving off of south africa, or just buy a car that people won't laugh at.

Money won't solve all your problems but dang it…. it will solve a lot of headaches… right?

So Before You Join MLM Stuff

I highly encourage you learn some advertising and marketing online. I have a free course that will show you what I've done in information marketing and network marketing online. Plus I'll show you what is possible.

My goal for my students is to show you can do it on little time, just be consistent. I don't mean be consistently bad but be active in your OWN business. You are your own boss.

Learn some marketing then decide if that is the business you want to invest your money and time into. I recommend anyone to look at the MLM industry as a way to supplement some income but before you do join MLM I would think  it's vital that you know if it's a good or bad one.


If your in a MLM or about to join MLM biz and the company is “recruit, recruit, recruit” with no product or service that scrams Ponzi. Remember, legit businesses have models to sell products and services. MLM just adds a layer to teach others to do the same and you get a cut.

My businesses I run sell assets, develop relationships with family consoling, and giving with cards. I do a lot of stuff but all of mine are always centered around giving a good customer experience first.

Sure I recruit people into my money making businesses but that is because I believe in the product or service. If there is none you should reconsider if you really want to join that MLM biz.

So Before Joining MLM Biz Graduate Here:

join MLM

PS> my phone number and email is in my training. You gotta go through it then contact me if you feel there is something wrong with the MLM your about to join. Better know before it's too late and you waste time and money.

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Daniel vargas · February 16, 2013 at 5:47 am

Hey Lawrence, so are you part of any MLM? I currently joined on and I’m looking to get some strategies online to increase my success. However, rather than being an affiliate I bought the licensee rights to the program which allows me to make $1000 commission for every sale I close on the front end and 50% on the back end for every sale. It’s for Internet marketing. It’s a program called MOBE by Matt lloyd. Email me I was wondering if you could maybe help me out in your 7
day program.

Sonny Lanorias · June 28, 2011 at 6:28 am

Hi Lawrence,

Great post! Thanks for sharing. Yeah you are right that its better to learn how to market online or offline if you plan to join an mlm because the name really of the game is marketing. So thanks again and I find this post very valuable. Keep up the great work!


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