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I'm kicking it on vacation at the wild oaks ranch in San Antonio Texas. Why do so many suck at lead generation or just straight up struggle in making money in their home business? My video reveals how to be a lead marketing mlm stud.

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Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Check out how I've been using Instagram to build my business by using the power of Instgram #hashtags - Free tips here Click Here.

12 thoughts on “Be The Lead Marketing MLM Stud

  1. See that's the thing. people are so dang lazy it's not even funny. It's the mindset people miss for the most part. Those who just snooze through life never get it. True dedication is when you have the laser focused attention necessary to push aside distractions to really break through.

  2. Hi Lawrence,

    “It's not that easy, but it's simple.” That's the line of lines. Not rocket science we're dealing with here.

    I speak this to my team members all the time. It's not easy in the beginning but over time it becomes easier because your driven, motivated line of thinking becomes habitual.

    If I told most people that I worked from 8 – 4 a few days back……8 AM – 4 AM of course, they wouldn't want anything to do with that. But as I move into more wealth and freedom they surely want a piece of that. Reap – Sow, folks!

    I'm convinced that I'm on the path to special things because I have a mindset like yourself, Jerome R, and all other driven entrepreneurs who see only the end and ignore the trials and tribulations which it takes to get there.

    Thanks for providing the wake-up call Lawrence, I've RT'ed to my twitter peeps and shared on FB.

    Enjoy your day!


  3. Hey Lawrence,

    Great video in what it takes to have the lifestyle you'd like to have. To your point, it is simple to make it in this business but far too many people get stuck in the areas where they think they are growing and they really are not.

    Thanks for keeping it real and true.

    Have a great day,
    Jerome Ratliff

  4. Great video Lawrence!!!! That is so true most don't want to put the effort in to get the end results. Hope to see you in Vegas in July!

  5. I'm most definitely on that journey and it's not all fun and games but you have to make the best of it. Great video blog Lawrence

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