Ardyss International was formed by a Mexican couple later on the whole family was indulged in the garment and fitness sector providing the best innovative products in the market, and the business of ArdyssLife in 1990. This was developed in Mexico at the beginning but had its sector branches in Mexico and later in other states of America too. This company had basically indulged in the business of garment section and later it diversified in to

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cosmetics, personal care, nutrition and reshaping divisions too. The ArdyssLife was successful in developing its garments and reshaping products for both men and women. This company developed its body magic 2 step system in which the company was successful. This product was designed in such a way that made users look fit and shape. The most premium features of this body magic by Ardyss was it give the best looks physically by reducing the waist sizes and giving u the best shape to the individuals. The Ardyss body shaper is unique to the company in terms of selling the product through network marketing channels.


This innovative product rolled successfully in production and other products were cleansers, skin tones and creams that made look young and better. These also indulged in nutrition products like multivitamin capsules, fat burners and energizers that made human syndrome better. The MLM Opportunity was very successful in launching the innovative products and they were better ranked in grades and quality comparing the other products in the market. The company was known for all its specialized products but end user never had proper idea about the product and its features. End users were lacking information about the product because of poor marketing skills of the product. The features and information about the product must be advertised. The company had focused more on the production of the product but lacked a lot in their marketing strategies and skills. The company followed a direct marketing strategy by avoiding the middle men and retailers so the consumer was more benefited. With this path some would question if there is an ArdyssLife International scam but with solid income disclosures and being a transparent company there should be no issues.

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ArdyssLife Marketing

The modern marketing followed by the company was not implemented in the proper way .The substitute products in the market were not as good as the products here but marketing strategies implemented by the company were poor. The success of the product does not depend upon the manufacturer but it totally depends upon the marketing tips and ways in which the product is marketed. The company still sticks upon the interactive marketing style but the marketing system followed by the company must be realigned from the bottom up so the product matures in the market and so it has a stable position.

ArdyssLife and the Internet

Internet lead generation is the only feature strategy that must be implemented in to bring the success of the product for the internet market. So the company must concentrate and pay more attention in the marketing field so it the end user are made to know about the product and its features .The lack of information is also a big drawback leading to the failure of the product in the market.

Ardyss independent distributors trying to build your downline with ArdyssLife are going to struggle due to the fact proper marketing training is not a central focus of the company. Hosting local showcases is one aspect of brand recognition but what about helping the Ardyss reps to generate more leads to sell more bodymagic with a Ardyss presentation? This is where the make it or break it part of the business comes in. If your not consistently attracting people to your business how can you make money? MLM Recruiting doesn't have to be rocket science but it sure does seem like it when starting out building a business. Learn HOW to market Ardyss and build a growing list of reps under you without only relying on ArdyssLife showcase to close reps.

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ban btc · April 27, 2016 at 9:27 pm

Great article. I am going through some of these issues as well..

Toshiba Burton · October 12, 2011 at 10:01 am

Hey Lawrence nice article I’ve heard a lot of great things about Ardyss but their training sucks they teach you to go out in recruit which wouldn’t be my first choice!

Not very many Ardyss reps know a lot about the power of Internet Marketing.

Thanks for sharing my friend.

    Lawrence Tam · October 12, 2011 at 11:32 am

    yeah, i mean not the fault of Ardyss but they feel that is the best for their business since they feel you gotta either wear the body system or drink their levive

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