According to Recuriterbox, over 53 million people are currently freelancing and by 2020, over 40% of the workforce is expected to be independent contractors. It is a growing trend that many businesses are seeing the rewards of. Before you jump in, here are 5 things to know about hiring virtual help.


One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners and freelancers make is a lack of good communication from the beginning. It is important to create a very detailed and accurate job posting so that you attract the right candidate who is qualified for your project or job. It is also imperative to lay out clear expectations on the work to be performed, expected results as well as deadlines. I recommend doing a Skype or FaceTime call with your candidates and not only talking about the job and expectations but also spending time to get to know the person so you can develop a mutually beneficial working relationship.

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Many times, those who are seeking virtual jobs are seeking those jobs at least partly for the flexibility that comes with it. Be clear about the expectations you have for your virtual team member. And if you need someone during specific hours, also be clear about that. Flexibility can work great for both parties. It just needs to be clear to both sides when the work is needed and expected and if the contractor needs to be available at set times.


Even at a higher hourly rate, expect to save 20 to 30 percent annually with a freelancer given that you will not have to pay for benefits, health insurance, retirement, Medicare or Social Security. You also save on office space, computers and other office supplies. On the other hand, your freelancer does have to pay all of those costs so instead of looking to hire at rock bottom prices, factor in at least $4-5 more an hour for the expenses they will have to incur.


Independent contractors and freelancers run their own business, which is dependent on happy and returning clients. You know as a business owner, its much more cost efficient to keep a client than to try to find a new one. Because of that, most freelancers will strive to deliver their best work to keep their clients. While traditional employees performance may vary, freelancers know their job is only as good as their last project.


Not all freelance websites are created equally. Some have millions of users all over the world. While others are more specific to the industry or type of freelancer. For instance, is a niche website geared toward Mom Professionals who have left the workforce for the flexibility to work from home. Business owners find dedicated and dependable work without sorting through hundreds of resumes. They also benefit from hiring someone in or near their time zone for ease of working relationship as well as not having to deal with issues faced in countries with undependable Internet and electricity. Whatever your needs, be sure to find the right website to help you succeed.

So when it comes time to expand your virtual team, knowing what to expect and more about the process will help you be more prepared and ready for success.

Lesley Pyle, MSc.

Lesley Pyle is the founder and owner of, a website connecting entrepreneurs with virtual, talented help. She began her work-at-home journey in 1995 with the launch of her first website - Home-Based Working Moms. She has a Master's in Public Relations from the University of Stirling, Scotland and a BA Journalism / Public Relations from Texas State University.


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