At first glance, 2Plus7’s quite confusing. The first thing we want to know about any business is, what it deals in. However, the website for 2Plus7 seems to describe only the MLM opportunity and has little about the actual business. A declaration that members get a month’s supply of super juice spray made me think this is one of those health drink MLMs that have flooded the market in recent years. Here’s a review of 2plus7 that will explain in detail what the company’s about and its strengths and weaknesses as an MLM business.

2Plus7 – What Does It Deal In?

The service sold here is a monthly subscription plan costing $27. For this $27, members get a lot of online benefits ranging from discount coupons for restaurants, entertainment, medical expenses and grocery stores across the country to educational online modules on online marketing, forex, cooking and nutrition. Members get free supply of super juice spray, a health drink for 30 days and counseling from professionals in various fields.

About The Company

2Plus7 was launched in 2009 by founders Dean Gutch and Dean Sasser. Both have extensive experience in the network marketing industry. Their tenure in the field made them want to come out with an income plan that’d make everyone happy.

Number crunching

If you’d thought 2 plus 7 equals 9, this MLM business will make you think it’s 27.

Attraction Marketing System

Your investment to get the services mentioned above is $27; but the returns are said to be far more attractive. Let’s have a look at the compensation structure –

– The fee to join the MLM opportunity is $27.

– As a distributor, you have to sign up two reps to become eligible for commission. You get your $27 when 7 more members join the business from anywhere in the world. They don’t have to be sponsored by you.

– The cycle keeps repeating itself; so whenever you bring in two members, you get qualifying certificates to earn $27.

– What’s more, the product offered has to be paid for every month; this means you get commission for every renewal.

Does It All Add Up?

Not everything’s rosy about this new MLM business; let’s consider the hitches–

– New network marketing businesses are always riskier to take up when compared to experienced companies.

– The Opposition

Though the product’s vague, it’s not exactly unique. The company faces stiff competition from My World Plus, Savings Highway and My Harvest America in the online discounts segment. All these network marketing companies claim to offer huge savings through their discount schemes.

– Most customers hesitate to pay for online advice because there’s so much free counselling available on the internet that’s relevant to several different fields.

– You’ll have to keep improving you MLM downline to see any money in this business. This is the only way to see a decent income.

**Update April 1 2010**

2Plus7 Now is Kootiki?

Yep, the company I've been trying to warn people about has finally changed over to a subscription based “something”. I haven't really gotten my hands around it as it kind of reminds me of the hamster dance website.

ANY time you are promised some big bucks only to see the majority of it coming from the entrance fees of new reps you really need to look up the word “ponzi scheme”. A legitimate network marketing business only succeeds when reps make money from the sales of products of services. If the main focus of commissions comes from “adding people” that is a physical human pyramid where you are stuck unless you sponsor someone. In this case when the people at the bottom can NOT sponsor guess what? Yep, there is no more cash flow cause there was really no product or service to begin with.

No Kootiki goes look like a subscription based service but come on now, who their their right mind feels that this is a legit business you can bring to your doctor friend. Dancing monkey on the front page? Really?

If you really are that lost in business and instead of pushing weird ebooks you can get for free you need to really step back and analyze are you in business to make money or ride the wave of adding people to a business. Would you rather have ebooks shipped to you 1 time or gold and silver shipped to you monthly? That's what I thought.

Here is my recommendation for a legit business and what I  put my name behind at:

Success In Your 2Plus7 Business If You Still Want To Try ;(

Look, we both know the company has gone under. Now it's some freaky monkey website. Get serious about your business and work a real one. Sign up below to find out what I put my name behind.

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Lawrence Tam · March 31, 2010 at 11:27 pm

really. oh man. not like you couldn't see the issues from the “get rich and just recruit”. anytime you see a company where money comes from the recruitment of people that equals a huge ponzi scheme.

just didn't see it change so fast

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