2015 was an awesome year. Because of YOU

I want to thank you for visiting for the first time or being a full time regular to this blog post.

This blog was the foundation to helping me leave my job and start my full time journey to establishing a profitable online business.

This blog stabilized my affiliate income while I learned other methods of marketing like (paid traffic, video, and social media)

But I always know… this is where my roots are.

Want to Learn How I Earn Online, Part Time And Retiring From Engineering At 33?

Writing a blog, generating traffic, solving my reader's problems, and sharing a different idea about generating income outside of a Job.

Recap of Lawrence Tam's Awesome 2015

Built my new custom dream house from scratch (2 years in design/construction)

This was a crazy process and one I didn't think would take so long.

Lawrence Tam House

Much props to my loving wife for designing and working out the details of building this house.

We have never attempted building a full custom house and it was crazy.

  • Having to picture every single fixture (lighting and water)
  • Deciding where to move the walls to open up space
  • Extending walls to open space but at the cost of custom $/ft
  • Meeting deadlines with vendors in selections
  • Second guessing if we did it right????

After building our house, I'm not sure I would do a full custom house again vs just buying a house not having to spend so much time in customization.

Example. not knowing what kind of furniture would go into a room only to find out the furniture doesn't look right or is too big/small.

I'm a pretty simple and easy person to work with, adding stress to home design and decoration just gets me tired and wanting me to go take a nap.


Finalized the Uganda school funding and preparing on my first international missions trip

Congrats to Everyone!The #uganda school is fully funded. Thanks to everyone who contributed, who helped, who pitched…

Posted by Lawrence Tam on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The above is from Facebook as I shot a video celebrating the accomplishment we achieved as a team. I wouldn't have been able to have finished our monetary contributions without the generous donations from many others.


Helped my clients reach all new success levels through our team (8FM)

I started a mastermind group for my Empower Network Team

8fm group

As of today we have 642 members in our mastermind.

The focus of our mastermind is helping our Customers and Affiliates

  • Helping clients setup their first online funnel
  • Understand how and why blogging is the “true” long term marketing method
  • How building an email list is like collecting online property, but better
  • How earning Leveraged Income should be a primary focus for stable income
  • Why learning online skills could be the ultimate Career changer


Top 2 earner in Empower Network due to our team chemistry

Since joining Empower Network back in 2011 I've been a top 5 earner (or top earner) most of my career here.

My emphasis on how I built my team and income has always been

“How can I help my team members make money”

With that approach I've been able to stay a consistent top earner while delivering on my approach… helping my team members make some awesome money.

When my teams make money… I Make Money.

It's a great way to earn by training/coaching/mentoring

top earner lawrence tam

This is a “Leaderboard of Top Income” = Being a Top Earner in Empower Network


Lost 28 lbs with “Low Carbing”

So I Lost 28 lbs in under 60 days by “low carbing”. Basically cutting out my intake of

Bread, Buns, Rice, Noodles, Chips….

And by doing that and riding my bike 1-2 times a week (10 miles)

The main thing for me that worked was

– Eat less than 50 g carbs per day
– Eat only food that I know “what it was”. no premade stuff
– Drink more water, not juice or soda
– Cut down on eating late at night
– Eat more nuts, avocados, organic butter, organic coconut oil, and almond butter

I've noticed with my body that if I stay focused for at least 3-4 days.. I can lose about 1 lb a day pretty easily.

If I fall off the wagon and eat my old ways.. I'll gain it back but not as quickly as before.

I've been playing around with what I eat and how strict I want to be.

I've fluctuated a little with going on a 7 day cruise and handing out in Las Vegas and parties a little too much the last couple months….

But I've learned a lot about how my body and what I'm willing to live with and without.

Here are some recipes for some ideas.


Got Lasik eye surgery and no longer need glasses

I've had glasses since like the 6th grade. Not the average kind either…

I'm like your pretty typical Asian (my entire family and cousins) all need corrective lenses. I think I'm the only one who has attempted Lasik Eye Surgery.

We decided as a family to not “cheap out” and do any type of coupon or Groupon style company. We use our eyes literally everyday so we went with one of the highest rated but cost the most.

I went with Dr John Goosey MD

I'll be back. Doctor said I had to take a mandatory nap after the lasik surgery

Posted by Lawrence Tam on Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Las Vegas Speaking Engagements (2 of them)

I'm not a gambler, don't really drink, and not a party/club type of person…
So why did I go to Las Vegas 2 times in the same year? For Business.

I spoke 2 times to speak to online business owners and bloggers.

Mic'd up and ready to help people take their business to the next level!

Posted by Lawrence Tam on Saturday, August 1, 2015

The other time we went to the outskirts of Las Vegas (Lake Buena Vista) and it was a super nice are, clean, and nice golf courses

But the best thing was to finally get my wife to speak on camera for our sales funnels. She's super shy on video (but not in person).

I've been wanting her to get on video to help share her story and how she didn't believe in what I did for the longest time… but as a good supporting wife just gave me my time to work on it.

She basically thought I should just get a better job and now start a business but didn't hinder my drive to wanting to start my online business from home, part time from working full time as a Mechanical Engineer and raising 3 kids.

She became a believer over time.

I believe she's the typical spouse that sees their husband struggle from home…. and they have the option of

Being Uber Resistant

So having my wife, Jessica, really step into sharing her side and helping wives understand the process and why men, like myself, put ourselves to LONG NIGHTS to learn the process.

It's not normal for a person with a good job (Mechanical Engineer) with a good healthy income to want to dream of something better financially.

So having more testimonials and especially having more people reach out to us (yes we are real people….) is important to solidifying why the internet is a fantastic place to building a stable income (and career).

Jessica Wu Tam doing her professional shoot today. Look at my girl smile 󾌬

Posted by Lawrence Tam on Sunday, August 2, 2015


Brian Couch Living The Life

One of my close team members, Brian Couch, is living his dreams traveling the world and loving life by working on a laptop (currently in Australia)

I think it's a fantastic success story where Brian left his computer science job that was paying him a decent salary for one with higher end potentials and world opportunities.

Brian used blogs, mobile Instagram traffic, Facebook social media, and email marketing to build a pretty awesome business (based off of my business model).

Brian's traveled for 90 days plus… all over the world. Pretty dang awesome and glad I have had a part in his success.

Now he's been able to impact other's and teach the principles I've been sharing with him the last 2 years+.

Focusing on delivering high end value to clients, sharing the awesomeness of internet affiliate marketing, and leveraging technology to build a better type of lifestyle.

brian couch

and what is awesome.. he's not keeping what he knows ONLY for himself.

He's started running mastermind workshops and has his last on in Australia (he's normally living in Dallas)

Brian Couch mastermind


New parents, Toby and Layla, Continue Earning $20k/month Plus

My business partner Toby and Layla Black had kids and still doing over $20k/month passively in Empower Network

Toby and Layla live in Canada and now have 2 small kids. Toby plays rock music

Sons Of Revelry "Born With A Bigga Goal"

This is the title track off our brand new debut EP."Born with a Bigga Goal"You gonna freakn love it.Enjoy

Posted by Sons Of Revelry on Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another reason working from home has a ton more flexibility. Being able to pursue a music career, have kids, and be earning over $20k/month online.

Their focus has been with blogging, social media, mobile marketing, and paid traffic.


My Goals for 2016

– To bring on new clients outside of home business in Dental, Ecommerce, Resturants…
– To help 5 of my clients hit $10k+/month for the first time.
– To spend more time with my parents (they are getting older) and travel with them more
– To build 2 more income streams doing $10k/month each (in different niches)
– Get an invite to be a TEDx Speaker for 2017
– To break 2 million in total earnings in Empower Network before years end

Thanks for reading about my 2015 yearly wrap up and I would love to connect and build a business with you in the future.

I'm looking to connect with

– Hard working business owners
– Entrepreneurs that are looking to mastermind with my group
– Home business owners looking to grow their first successful business online
– Clients willing to follow my trainings and implement my marketing methods

2 Resources for you

1) Go through my 10 day video course on building a sustainable business online (Click Here)
2) Understand “why” I use blogs and how it's my preferred method to a stable business (Learn More Here)

How was your 2015 and what are some of the goals you have for 2016?

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Erik C. Johnson · August 30, 2016 at 6:12 pm

Awesome recap for the year Tam, really inspiring. My blog is still pretty slow as far as traffic, but I’m not giving up, especially after reading your story! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Lawrence Tam · August 31, 2016 at 9:56 am

    It’s not lightning fast like paid traffic but the blog traffic generally will send you your best clients AND give you that evergreen traffic (sure it has ups and downs)

    but it allows you to be you and be okay with it

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