When it comes to office security, the size of your business is really not of relevance – regardless of whether you are operating a huge corporation or a startup with ten employees, security is of paramount importance.

Be Secure With Good Office Security

There are numerous risks lurking around every corner and the only way to protect yourself and your company from them is by always being prepared. Read the following list of the essentials of office security to see whether you have all the bases covered, and if you notice you’re missing something, do not wait to act upon it. It might save you not only headaches but also substantial amounts of money.

Get properly insured

Sometimes, things can go wrong, and there’s nothing we can do about it. The only thing that can shield us in such cases is being insured. Should any kind of disaster befall your small business, insurance might be the difference between going under for good and instantly getting back on your feet. There are many different types of insurance that can apply to small businesses, thus, it is of the utmost importance that you familiarize yourself with all the possibilities and choose the options best suited to your needs.

Devise safety procedures

Another vital component of office safety is having concrete and up-to-date security plans and procedures in place, and that not only you but every single person in the office is familiar with them. Unfortunately, natural disasters seem to be more and more common nowadays, so it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities. So, devise a detailed emergency procedure and evacuation plan, or have someone make it for you, distribute it among your employees and display it at several spots in the office too. It’s often not enough that you distribute the plan though; every once in a while, try and find time to organize drills to make sure everyone indeed knows what exactly they should do in such situations.

Prevent in-house theft

Office security starts with those working there, so don’t slack but do a thorough background check before you decide to employ someone! This way, you can easily evade problems such as in-house theft and even more serious offenses such as embezzlement. You can further protect yourself by using smart locks, key automation systems and security cameras on your premises. Smart locks will make it possible for you to only allow certain people in certain areas of the office – such as the storage room where most of the in-house theft occurs. Moreover, the presence of security cameras will discourage such behavior in your employees, and can also be of help if the problem has already occurred.

Get appropriate equipment

There are certain pieces of safety and security equipment that every office needs to have. As already mentioned, smart locks and security cameras can certainly come in handy and take at least one worry off your shoulders but there is actually much more to it than that. Additional essentials that you should look into are fire alarms and a high-intensity strobe light. In case of a fire, these will effectively get the attention of everyone in the building and ensure that they are safely evacuated in time. A sprinkler system can also be of great help in that situation. Motion-sensitive lighting and security alarm systems, on the other hand, can deter burglars from breaking into your building.


Last but not least, in the 21st century, the issue of cyber-security must not under any circumstance be overlooked. Many small business owners neglect this aspect of office security, thinking that hackers only target large corporations, however, that is not the case. Small businesses are just as exposed to these dangers, if not more. Given that protecting your data is your top priority, it’s best you arm yourself with advanced security software, turn to professionals to assess your vulnerability and not forget to educate your employees on vital cyber-security matters too.


Of course, this is only an essentials guide for office safety and security – there are so many more different features that you can look into, whatever your concerns may be. However, do make sure that you have this list covered, as these security measures are applicable to offices of virtually any kind. And always keep in mind: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and business-improvement enthusiast from Sydney. Currently, she is consulting companies on how to organize a company culture for maximum motivation and productivity. In her spare time, you can usually find her window shopping or hiking with her furry four-legged friend.


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