139 Instagram Facts and Stats for 2017

Instagram has been a huge traffic platform for our company, Pressure Point Marketing. The social media landscape continues to evolve and gone are Friendster, Vine, Orkut.... The good folks at WebsiteBuilder.org have put together some facts and stats about Instagram Below. Insightful Instagram Facts To Increase Marketing ROI Marketing campaigns have evolved dramatically since the advent of social media platforms. While images have long played a role in print advertising, words were also i...

Instagram Class – Where To Send Visitors

instagram where to send visitors
Instagram is a great place to generate an audience and even generate web traffic. The purpose of this is so you do NOT have to keep changing the link shown on your Instagram Bio. If pointing link to your blog. Don't send to your Top Level as that is a waste of your traffic. Instead send to your actual blog post Example: Top Level = www.LawrenceTam.net Blog Post = www.lawrencetam.net/how-to-make-extra-money-the-unconventional-guide/ *please excuse the facebook live audio sync is...

Apps Like Instagram – 11 That Make You Look Like A Professional Photographer

I have seen some amazing pictures taken, and then found out that they were taken with a smartphone. A lot of them were taken with Instagram and apps like Instagram. They were filtered through an an app and posted online. Better than my professional Nikon D7000 that I paid a lot of money for (okay.. it could be photography novice error). Do our smartphones make us good photographers? Considering how many photos we take of ourselves, our SOs, our kids, our events, we learn how to make the best ...