Instagram has been a huge traffic platform for our company, Pressure Point Marketing.

The social media landscape continues to evolve and gone are Friendster, Vine, Orkut….

The good folks at have put together some facts and stats about Instagram Below.

Insightful Instagram Facts To Increase Marketing ROI

Marketing campaigns have evolved dramatically since the advent of social media platforms. While images have long played a role in print advertising, words were also important and there was no such thing as ‘likes’ or ‘going viral’. The importance of visual content has also increased exponentially, thanks to the likes of Instagram. With more than 95 million photos and videos posted every single day on the network, your marketing efforts will go down the drain if you don’t know how to popularize your posts and think with a modern perspective. Website Builder has created a detailed infographic with Instagram facts that you may find beneficial for marketing your business or brand.

Use hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags are an important method on Instagram to get your posts seen by a wider audience, because anyone following the hashtag has the potential to see your post (even if they aren’t following you). Data suggests that 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded hashtags. You need to focus on creating content around the branded hashtag unique for your business or marketing campaign. You can be creative in developing quirky hashtags that encourage audience engagement. While Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post, using too many will reduce engagement and appear spammy, so focuse on one of two of the most relevant. You can improve brand awareness by using the same hashtags across different networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Adopt emojis for captions

Even though you are using Instagram to market your business, the primary purpose is to interact with the audience on a human level, building trust and showing personality. You shouldn’t always be hard-selling. Conversations can be made to look fun with the use of emojis. On average 50% of the caption space used on Instagram is made up of emojis. The red heart emoji is the most popular.


Promote products on Instagram

Instagram is a platform to socialize with your audience, but surprisingly, product posts by businesses are more popular than lifestyle and celebrity posts. An analysis shows that 65% of the top performing posts from famous brands contain product promotion. However, you should be careful about direct product marketing (aka hard selling). On a general note, 80% of your content should be entertaining for your audience while you can show your products with 20% of the posts. You can create Boomerang videos and Instagram videos featuring the use of your products.

Optimize stylistic features with popular filters

Filters are essential for your Instagram posts to make images more appealing. These can correct errors, enhance the overall image, and make it more eye catching. Clarendon is the most famous filter used across Instagram posts, as it makes images more vibrant. Obviously the filter you choose may be dependent on the type of image you are using. It might even be worth experimenting with various filters to analyze audience engagement. Don’t overthink things however. Go through the filters and the ones that stand out to you, will most likely stand out for others.

Below are 139 Facts About Instagram for 2017. Enjoy 😉

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John LaBruzza · March 22, 2017 at 3:09 pm

I just learned enough to last me a week or more. I try to learn something new everyday

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Great info. Awesome

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Been following you for a while, amazing how time flies, looking forward to seeing what else I can learn and hopefully monetize by helping more people as IG continues to grow.

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Awesome information thanks for sharing

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Love the overall insights. Helps you see how the world is influenced by this social platform.

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