LT 15: Listening And Growing With The InnerCircle

The ability to listen to trainings on a daily basis is a super handy tool. It allows you to learn while you multitask on things like folding clothes or washing dishes. I did it at work cause.. let’s be real… work was kinda boring.





Here are the Show Notes for
Project Mayhem: Podcast 15 Inner Circle

  1. To Join The Empower Inner Circle which I co-created the 6+ audios -> Click Here
  2. The 2 books I mentioned
    1. Tim Ferriss Р4 Hour Work Week 
    2. Grant Cardone Р10x Rule 
  3. Meet me at Quora -> Click Here


Here is how the Inner Circle Looks like on the inside



Click Here To Learn More About The Inner Circle and It’s Marketing Training Audios
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