20 thoughts on “Instagram Popular Page: Make It There Faster By Using These Simple Tips

  1. Vanessa Pierre says:

    Amazing post so insightful.

  2. Tom Lincoln says:

    Love this post and the infographic rocks!

  3. Nicole Mae says:

    Quality article and definitely has me thinking about marketing in different ways. Thanks!

  4. William Wood says:

    I haven’t really started using Instagram yet but this is a great tutorial. Very robust. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      it’s a good starting point to get your feet wet with instagram marketing 😉

  5. This is a FABULOUS blog! This tips are GOLD and should be saved and used often! Thanks for bringing such great content ALL THE TIME! I save all your posts!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      thanks! looking to make everyones time on facebook WORTH them coming over and hanging out at my site

  6. Great instruction for everyone who wants to use instagram the right way. I did know a little bit about it but now it makes a lot more sense for me 🙂

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      awesome!!!! glad I could help in your instagram knowledge

  7. Lawrence thank you so much for all your detail on how to get on the instagram popular page. Wondeful step by step..

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      it’s like the holy grail…. of mobile free traffic 😉

  8. Nadia says:

    It is awesome arsenal of tips and knowledge you shared with the world, thank you Lawrence for value content.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      thank you for coming by! hope it has helped you in your instagram marketing journey.

  9. yukiko iino says:

    This is so rich and inspiring, Lawrence. I haven’t done much with Instagram and now I feel I view you one of a few authority sites and reliable sources to follow. I’d have to come back and study this article. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      I’m getting better with Instagram daily and I hope to share some more cool goodies as times goes on.

  10. Rob Skinner says:

    I need to book mark this blog so that when I’m ready to jump into this area I can use this as a jump start…very detailed, very informative and as usual very useful…Thanks Lawrence

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      YES! anytime I can build an article that is “bookmark worthy” then I know I’m getting to my goals of helping MORE people make more online.

  11. rmatthewe says:

    Great Tips as always Lawrence!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      glad you enjoyed it 😉

  12. Thanks great tips. Consistency is what always works in all the social media platforms.

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