Writing Articles For Money? How Many Does It Take?

Are You Writing Articles For Money?

So I have been a huge supporter of writing articles to drive traffic to anything and can pretty much be summed up as writing articles for money.

I am a true believer or “Leaders are Readers” and why I write so much.

The other day I was awarded this Gift from EzineArticles for accomplishing 100 articles in 100 days.

Ezine Articles expert author

This was a nice gift and goes to show my business is moving and shaking.


Writing Articles For Money?

This video from ezinearticles touches on writing article for money and how many you need.

As of this writing I have over 300 in multiple profiles in ezine covering more than 10 niches.
Take a look of your “entire body of work” and do you have assets you have invested online? Are you bringing people in through multiple streams of traffic?

Establish that you will be in business for years then analyze IF you are leaving enough long term methods around to drive consistent traffic to your business properties.

Writing Articles For Money – How To Scale Up

Look how I conduct my article marketing on a large scale using internet lead generation.

Get better at writing articles for money to understand the bigger story on how to make a living online.

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

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