If you are already blogging with WordPress, you may think this WordPress for Dummies is not for you. I mean who wants to admit they are a dummy in anything?wordpress for dummies

However, this is not just a piece about blogging with WordPress; the question is:

  • Are you making money with this blogging platform?
  • If you are, are you making enough money?

If you are not, you definitely have to read this WordPress for Dummies article to find out if your WordPress blog actually pays you.

Why WordPress For Dummies?

When there are plenty of blogging platforms why is WordPress so popular? Here are the reasons –

  1. It’s easy to install and use. You can host your own blog for your business and make money out of it. Most of its features are self explanatory and user friendly.
  2. When you compare WordPress to other means of hosting your own website, you will find this platform to be very affordable. If you have to select a host and get a website designed, you will find that it costs much more.
  3. With a vast community and plenty of themes, working with WordPress is definitely far reaching as well as interesting. WordPress’s plugins and flexibility also make it a perfect choice for business blogs.
  4. WordPress is also search engine friendly; this is particularly important when you have a blog to promote your business. Your content will be distributed immediately to a wide range of users; so you get to promote your business effectively.
  5. Your blog can be linked to Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook; so you can keep your clients and customers updated.

How will this WordPress for dummies article help you?

This WordPress for dummies piece is not going to be a tutorial on how to install wordpress on your computer; there are plenty of resources for that on the internet. Instead, this will tell you how you can do more by using this blogging platform. This is also an analysis of whether using WordPress alone is enough to make money or if you need some extra power.

WordPress for dummies – Are you making money with WordPress?

With all its benefits, there’s no doubt WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform to use to promote your business. In fact, you may also be able to see immediate positive results when you start using WordPress.

However, just using WordPress to promote your content will not help you in capitalizing its full potential.

PLUS… WordPress doesn't like affiliates… which means FORGET about using wordpress.com to sell stuff…
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WordPress doesn't like affiliates

There’s amazing scope to make money from your blog if you have a good system in place. However, just using WordPress to fuel your blog will not be enough to generate the income I am talking about. What you need is a tailor-made profit solution for your blog that will make it an unending treasure trove. In order to make your blog really succeed, all you have to do is, fix a sales funnel to your online properties. This can be done with the help of pure online marketing.

But, what if you had all this available in a ready made format to be fitted to your website? This is what you have to get from your blog. And this is what this WordPress for dummies article is all about letting you know that a platform without a sales funnel is pretty much a wallet with no money.

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