The two main internet search engines, Yahoo and Google keep on competing for clients and users by offering them new products. They both offer free hosting of email accounts, free sending and receiving of emails, free chat, and various other services.


So let's talk about… What Is a Ymail Account?


Ymail is one of the two recent email account options by Yahoo Mail. It is quick to access and can be accessed from any web browser. Before the launch of the ymail and the rocket mail, your account at yahoo had to be [email protected].


You now have the option of choosing [email protected] or [email protected]. Though it has not been so proven, it is believed that the release of the ymail by Yahoo was inspired by Google which offers its accounts in the form of [email protected]. The birth of the Ymail Account is a direct shot into Gmail? Sure seems like it.


The ymail account was launched on June 19, 2008 and just like the [email protected], accounts, it is absolutely free.  It has unlimited amount of capacity for storage and instant messaging ability from the inbox. It also features the spam and virus protection that is present in the [email protected] account. The host domain remains that of

Users of the ymail have stated that they encounter problems is sending of invitations in Yahoo 360. The very first users stated that they were not able to send and receive invitations from other people suing the ymail.


These reports disappointed most people who wanted to switch or make use of the new mail system that had just recently been launched. Yahoo has lately released the Yahoo Beta version which features improved inbox features, faster loading and better background appearance.


How To Get The Ymail Account


The following are the simple steps of creating ymail account.


1.      Open up any browser

2.      On the browser search bar type “”

3.      On the Yahoo site click “Sign Up” (which is under the “Don't Have a Yahoo ID?”)

4.      Fill in the required details in section 1. The required information includes name, birthday, gender and location

5.      In section 2, select the Yahoo ID/email address.  Beside the text box of the email address there is a drop down box. In this drop down box select ymail. After the selection, click “check availability” to see if that email address has been taken.  If the email address you have typed in has been taken then you need to change it by adding or decreasing the characters. As you do the changes you must ensure that the ymail domain name does not change.

6.      In section 3, select and answer two security questions. Choose questions with answers in which you can easily memorize. The answers to these questions will be asked if you forget your account password.

7.      Type in the alternate email address. This is optional so you can choose to do or not to do it.

8.      Type in the ‘funny looking’ security code at the bottom part of the account creation page and then click “Create My Account.”


From step 1 to 8, you will have created your ymail account. To access it, follow step 1 and 2. At the yahoo site type in your full [email protected] and then enter the password.  The full address distinguishes the ymail accounts from the [email protected] and [email protected] accounts.

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Mary · May 16, 2018 at 10:23 am

There is no drop-down to choose ymail.

    Kieth Vesey · November 16, 2023 at 9:07 pm

    Cause Ymail and Rocketmail have merged with Yahoo Mail. Ymail doesn’t exist anymore.

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I want to create account

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