Ways To Make Extra Money – Writing

One of the cool things I do on a daily basis is test different ways to make extra money online. See, there are a lot of people struggling without jobs but there are an even bigger segment that work a day job yet want to supplement their current income to afford the better things in life like vacations, living upgrades, and eliminating debt. I've used many ways to make extra money to pre pay my kids college tuition and even upgrade the ride I have.

Ways To Make Extra Money – Writing

One of the cool things that has popped up since the internet became mainstream is that there are so many people now that can make a pretty nice chunk of change just by writing online. This is one of the easier ways to make extra money because there is very little training outside of your own creative writing skills. If you have a passion and don't mind typing then writing online is a good way to get some cash pumping in.

One way I started was going to a product review site called epinions. There were one of the first places I noticed that would allow you to write product reviews and actually get paid on traffic that took action on your page. There are some guidelines to follow but generally nothing too strict and primarily for those NOT looking to use this for off page backlinks. If your just looking for ways to make extra money with absolutely no up front cash then writing on sites like epinions just makes sense. Now the returns will not be ground shattering but in the global scale of business there is so little up front investment that it doesn't matter as long as you can put in realistic expectations.

Epinions is a free site to join and there are NO referral commissions anymore. So you can click the link below if you want to link to my profile and see some of the things I wrote YEARS ago (November 2008 was last article I wrote for epinions) and still get paid a residual income from.

The pay isn't great but it's residual.

This was my first taste on leverage and working smarter. I gave myself a raise by working and writing.

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