Looking For A SECockpit Bonus?

If your looking for a SECockpit bonus you came to the right spot.

Remember, SECockpit on it's own is just a tool and like any tool if not used properly will not do the job. I would rather you not buy SECockpit and to never use it or worse use it incorrectly to drive traffic.

SECockpit Bonus – Learn How To Maximize Results

One of the things I see a lot when people are doing keyword research and even when using tools like market samurai or SECockpit is that they think it's the ONE thing they need to get down to get traffic.

secockpit bonus

Keyword Research On The Fly

You gotta remember that TRAFFIC comes in many forms.

You are going to miss out on a ton of traffic if your only going to start SEO traffic. There are other ways to boost your traffic daily while your waiting to rise in serps.

And this is exactly where my bonus is coming from.


Traffic Comparison With SECockpit – March 2011 to June 2011

I want you to look at this image.

secockpit bonus

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Buy SECockpit – Runs My SEO Foundation

Just in case you were looking for a direct link here is where you can buy SECockpit . I've had a good chance to use it for a couple months now.

But before I go and try and sell this product I did a training on it and of course the video capture software I'm running decided to crap out.


Before You Buy SECockpit – Check Out My Training On SEO

secockpit supply and demand

And before you can even talk about SEO let's talk about the basics and mindset of who is buying your information, services and products.

Take a look at the image to the right.

It would make more sense with my video (if it was working) but you can get the idea of it.

Too many get caught up of SEO things and forget the main focus to why people buy and how we are providers can sell it to them. So again, before you go and buy SECockpit check out the write up below of my training (minus the video, aaarr)


SEO Training – Process of My Business with SECockpit In Center

This is the write I did while holding my training. You can be included in my training by going through my bootcamp.

The information below was written while going through my training and answering questions.

So I apologize for not having the video and hope to get it resolved by the next time I do another training.


Home Work If You Attended The Training

  1. Log into Market Samurai and get into their training at the dojo

    Try Market Samurai now for free!

  2. Log into SECockpit and get their free ebook and of course buy SECockpit with my banne below.

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