Effective Keyword Research – Come Get Some

If your looking to jump into online marketing I highly suggest you start to dive into some sound and effective keyword research before you buy up all of these super backlinking tools.

Now don't get me wrong. I love me some off page seo tools but in the end your life is so much easier if you would just learn some effective keyword research.

Here are 3 quick tips to effective keyword research

1) It's a good practice to start with anything that you feel you can write or build content on.

Too many people shy away from weird niches like “how to build a chicken coop”. Sure it just might sound weird but if your in the market of say being an affiliate marketer your job is to get traffic to things that sell. I would first look at a subject matter that you can write some articles about or shoot videos about. If your not ashamed of the subject I say it's fair game.

Don't for a second start boxing yourself into what you can and can't advertise. Unless your selling your own product you really need to branch out and think outside of the box.