5 Killer Productivity Strategies I've Learned from Managing a Remote Content Team

5 Killer Productivity Strategies I’ve Learned from Managing a Remote Content Team

As an Australian-based agency, working with remote content teams lets Louder Online take advantage of the best talent we can find – wherever we can find it.

If we need a great Salesforce development writer, we aren’t limited to local candidates. Being able to search globally is a key factor in our ability to deliver killer content to an extremely diverse – both in terms of industries and geographic locations – portfolio of clients.

That said, running a remote content team isn’t always easy.

There’s no walking down the hall to request revisions; no calling workers into my office to hold them accountable for missed deadlines or poor performance.

So while working remote has been a necessary part of our agency’s growth, it hasn’t come without challenges. In navigating these issues, however, I’ve learned new productivity skills and strategies that I’ve been able to apply to all parts of my personal and professional life.

I hope you find them as helpful as I have in improving your productivity.


Strategy #1 – Set clear expectations


benefits of email marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing – Getting Customers To Love Buying From You

The benefits of email marketing cannot be understated. Mess it up and you might as well torch your email leads coming through your capture pages and opt in forms.

Normally, a person who subscribes to your list has found your website or follows you on social media, or is interested in a promotion you are running. They have trusted you with their email address and have given you permission to contact them on a regular basis.  That means they like what you have to say and want to hear more from you.

Think about that for a moment.

They WANT to hear from you. If not.. they wouldn't have asked for MORE information to be send to them by email.

If you have a captive audience within your target market who is giving you permission to contact them on a regular basis, wouldn't you agree that email marketing is one of the best ways to market? Absolutely!