Even though Twitter is one of the most popular online services in the world today, there are still people who are asking the big question: how does Twitter work? Actually, it is not really surprising to see that so many people would ask that question. Although Twitter is currently the 11th most visited website on the internet, there are plenty of people who have heard of Twitter but have never gotten around to using it. So for them, asking how does Twitter work is normal, as they are probably interested in finding out more about this online service to see if using it would be something that interests them.

The Basics of How Does Twitter Work

Twitter is commonly referred to as a micro blogging platform. So if you have ever seen a blog, you will see that there are many similarities between how does Twitter work and how a blog would work. However, the Twitter service works in a way that is a lot simpler than most blogs. There are plenty of blogging platforms and systems out there. Normally, there are very few limitations as to what you can post on a blog. Therefore, it is possible to write a 1000 word long blog post if you would like to. On many blogging systems, you can also attach pictures and even other media, such as videos.

But the way Twitter operates is quite different in this sense. Twitter limits the length of the posts to 140 characters. That's right, characters and not words. You also cannot post any pictures or videos in your posts, which are called Tweets. While such a blogging service may not seem that useful to you, that would probably change once you see what exactly it was designed for. Twitter is not made for sharing long, journalistic type articles with others. Rather, it is meant to give them short updates on something that is of interest to them.

If you need to provide more details or expand on something that you have just Tweeted, you can of course provide a link to a website or blog post in your Tweet. In order to see your Tweets and be up to date on what you are doing on Twitter, people can “follow” you, which works in a way similar to becoming friends on Facebook. This pretty much covers the basics of how does Twitter work.

How Does Twitter Work For Businesses?

Sure, Twitter is an excellent place for sharing information with your family and friends. It fulfills one of the primary roles that social networks have: that of bringing people together and helping the stay in touch with each other. But some entrepreneurs and business owners will probably be eager to ask this: how does Twitter work for business?

With Twitter, there is no distinction between personal and business accounts. Therefore, there are no “fan pages” that you can create like on Facebook. So if you want to get your business on Twitter, all that you need to do is to create an account, get some followers and start Tweeting. One way to encourage people to follow you on Twitter would be to include a Twitter button on your main website. If you have an email newsletter, you can inform your email subscribers that your business has created an account on Twitter and give them the opportunity to follow you in order to get updates.

A lot of people like to follow businesses on Twitter mainly because of the fact that it is a micro blogging services. There are no boring and long messages to read. Since you only have 140 characters for your message, you need to get to the point right away. If there is something more that you want to tell your readers (such as a promotion or new product that you are launching), then you can always put a link in your Tweet to the relevant section of your website. This would mainly answer the question of how does Twitter work for promoting a business on the internet.

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