With The Ongoing Reduction In Force By Most Companies, Are You Prepared For The Unexpected?

Because of the increase in technology and business competition, most companies are undertaking reduction in force measures to reduce their operating expenses. Are you prepared for the unexpected? Most people do no want to hear or even imagine of it but it is the reality of the present state of events.

It does happen and it can happen anytime and to anyone. You could be among those targeted by your company in the next reduction of force. Most companies are doing so because the work that could previously be done manually by people can now be done by computers or other machines or even just send overseas.

If your name is among those populated in the reduction in force by your employer, does it mean the end of life, beginning of stress, happy time or interacting with your family, or what does it mean to you? To me, it means the time to venture in to the modern way of making money from home known as online marketing.

Reduction In Force Policies- Better Be Prepared

As stated above, the modern competition and increasing technology is forcing most companies to consider the reduction in force so as to reduce their general operating expenses. You must have read it in the newspapers but today or tomorrow you can form part of the newspaper headlines of being laid off. What will you do at that time? You better prepare now because I have all the tips for you.

I do online marketing and I can assure you that I pride myself as the best decision that I have ever taken in my life. It is a simple and flexible way of making money yet you get good amount of money. You can begin doing the online marketing today even before you become the victim and target of reduction in force.


The Top Ten Job Killing Companies- The Reduction In Force ‘Olympics’

If you have been flowing the recent news of what is going on at most of the leading United States corporations you will end up in shock and disbelief. Did I say disbelief? Yes, you better believe because lay offs are real.

The following are the latest news and developments in the reduction in force undertakings by most corporations which I would term as ‘Olympics’ because they seem like competition of laying off of workers.

1. Goldman Sachs axes 1,000 jobs
2. Cisco lays off 6,500 employees
3. Borders stores close leading to loss of 10,700
4. Lockheed Martin cuts 3,300 jobs
5. Merck cuts 13,000 jobs
6. Research in Motion lays off 2,000 employees
7. HSBC lays off 25,000 employees
8. Boston Scientific cuts 1,400 jobs
9. Credit Suisse lays off 2,000 workers
10. Pfizer cuts 5,530 jobs

The above are the captions of the leading headlines and stories of what is going on at the moment in most corporations in the United States.

Whether you are or you are not the target in the reduction in force, I invite you to start online marketing today. You will make more money than you can imagine as you gain more experience and learn how to do the marketing better. I am a living testimony and example of how the online marketing business can usher a new dawn in your life.

You are the one to decide how much money to make per hour, per day, per week, per month or per year. Online marketing is the only shield against the ongoing reduction in force by companies so you better begin it today to be on the safe side.

Step 1 in this process is to build a website to funnel your business through (start a correct website online)
Step 2 in this process is to learn some sound online marketing by filling in your information in the upper right.

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