For loyal readers of mine that have locked arms with me in empower network will have the First shot to winning my personal contest.

If you are NOT a member of Project Mayhem Click Here

——– This Email is going out today 11/17/11 around 3pm EST ———-
I was thinking of a way to give back to the community and help those out who are studying SEO and going through my trainings hardcore.

I've said this many times that no awards are given for most traffic or leads. People get on stage for SALES…

But… I'm a SEO guy and I want to see if your learning anything. The skills I'm teaching you today is for you to keep to build a strong foundational business. We are not here today just to sponsor a couple people. We are here to build a living through SEO then branch out to other methods of marketing (like running co-ops)

Here is the outline:

1) I will pick 2 keywords. There are 2 chances to win.
2) You MUST rank it with your empower blog. NOT your personal blog
3) Everything goes – just rank
4) You must rank in the Top 2 spots for the keyword I give. You MUST be top 2 on Dec 18th when I check it
5) I will pay $50 paypal PER keyword so you can win $100 if you close both up.
6) I will use a SERP tool to check who is top 2. If you are top 2 email me and I'll confirm on Dec 18th 2011 (1 month to rank it)
7) This is open to anyone who see this competition (so my facebook group, project mayhem site, project mayhem newsletter, and my blog)
8 ) I will only pay ONCE ($50 for one keyword, $50 for 2nd keyword = paying for the winner per keyword) PER keyword so if your #2 and another member in our group is #1 you better start doing some market samurai backlink analysis 😉

The 2 keywords will be released tomorrow

The games are starting 😉


For those that follow me I'll give you a head start.

The 2 Keywords are:

  1. Empower Network

  2. Empower Network Review

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