What did Ninja Assassin teach me about choosing a MLM Opportunity?

I know right? What the heck does ninjas, smoke bombs, guys running around pajamas, throwing stars, nun chucks, and hired assassins have to do with choosing a MLM Opportunity?

I’m not saying Ninja’s in the movie or even in real life, if they exist still are the most savvy business people but after watching the movie Ninja Assassin staring Jeong Ji-hoon also known as his stage name Rain. To take a tangent, I think it’s pretty cool a Korean pop singer/dancer can come into a film called Ninja Assassin and look and feel the part. Well, take away the fact he can slice people in half yet he only sustains flesh wounds is another subject altogether.

I’m not here to tell you the movie is worth seeing, it is, but from while watching this action packed movie I didn’t expect to come away with anything besides being entertained by the sight of reliving my childhood dressed as a ninja for Halloween for many years in Elementary School. Another tangent, I thought I was freaking cool that my brother and I were the only kids in our school that had ninja outfits. Not just regular ninja outfits but a full set one white and one black that were custom made, thanks mom! We had the fake plastic nun chucks but then realized they made foam padded ones and it was only a matter of time one of us was crying from beating ourselves over the head swinging one or heating each other. Oh good times.

Anyways, I was expecting the normal scenes of a small Asian man jumping around in the dark chopping up bad guys but I really actually paid attention to the story. From what I gather, the movie states that Ninja’s have been around for hundreds of years as hired assassins. I guess you can call them highly efficient hit men without using technology to dispatch of their targets.

With any job there is always payment and since Ninja’s have been around for ages how do you pay them? Well didn’t really think about this but in the movie they said all of the so called Ninja hits can be traced back to a payment of 100 pounds of gold. This is a set standard fee though out their years as a standard payment for anyone.

Ninjas getting paid 100 pounds of gold, interesting.

See there had to be some type of stable currency and I guess Ninja’s are the haggling type for going set rates so a standard 100 pound payment in gold seems pretty logical to me. So back in the day 100 pounds of gold is a lot of money. 100 pounds of gold today is a lot of money.

So then I started thinking what if they were paid $100 bucks? Well back then USA didn’t even have currency but we all know $100 50 years ago isn’t the same $100 buying power today due to inflation and such.

So through time was has been a universal form of currency? Gold and Silver of course!

So thinking about all of my students who are in many different mlm opportunities I just had to think what are they receiving every month from their companies? You receive your local currency and your product or service from you network marketing business.

So that mean reps are getting travel coupons, coffee, juice, makeup, vitamins, discounts on services, and even woven hand baskets. Sure this isn’t bad if you can use those products at the huge volume they throw at you when you’re a distributor. Then for service companies your always fighting to retain customers as with any crowded space you can never be the cheapest all of the time.

So instead I decided to be a ninja and receive gold and silver every month plus my commission checks. Over time what is all of the potion, lotion, pills, and juice worth after a year? Shoot, some of them even expire! Does gold and silver expire?

So learn from a ninja and start collecting assets that are safer over time.

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