Are you really looking for night jobs to help sustain your way of life?

Night Jobs – Who?

Going through some of the reasons to do a night job can be anything but let's first try and think outside of the box to WHY.

1) Night Owls

There are people who just like to work nights. Being comfortable when it's not blazing hot outside or the fighting the traffic of those who do the 8-5. Night owls generally are those who have lived this lifestyle for awhile and it's just not a big deal to work nights. Night jobs for this type of person would be as normal as most who work a day job from 8-5.

2) Students

Many under grad students generally gravitate to jobs like teacher assistant positions and maybe even like myself grading papers. Anywhere they can get a job to get some extra income is a life saver when living like a tight budget student. For students who go to class during the day for most of the week has only the option to work nights. This is where night jobs would come into play. There are literally millions of students who will be seeking additional sources of income while going to school and this type of work will never go away. Night jobs for the most part need to be part time to not interfere with time for school and labs. Now of course if the student is taking a easy degree then full time night jobs would be easy but when I went to engineering school it would be very hard to work a night job while pushing 15-16  hours with labs.

Night Jobs – The Real Reason

Now looking for night jobs can be a boring process so let's remove the pain. Are you looking for a night position or are you looking for jobs. They don't have to be used in the same sentence to make money which is the real intention right?

Your looking for night jobs to make some extra cash. Not to change your life like winning a lottery or even to do it for glory. Your looking for night jobs to pay some bills for the short term as your days are taken. Don't think night jobs has to be some boring job like a waiter or bartender. That's trading TIME for MONEY.

I totally understand why so many can only understand that type of currency.

I give you my team and skills for money. This is fine IF your okay with that trade off.


Don't think you can't make money without a job or even working nights.

What if you could make money not applying for a job?
What if you could make some money residually where some night you work and even if you took the next night off you got paid?

Think outside the box.

I know the school system wanted to train you to thinking you can only make money in “hard professions” like a teacher or lawyer. Then why do so many successful people take a non traditional path like land development or investing?

There are other things you can do and it's time to think outside the box.

Here is an example:

night jobs

This is one of my sites that I've had since January 2011.

– Spent about ~20hrs after work and then 5-10min a week at most to check traffic and send some backlinks.

This is not something that will pay all your bills but if your looking for night jobs then looking for an online alternative is a MUST. Don't sleep on the internet. Instead of being interviews for night jobs soon many will be hunting for mentors to teach them the skill set necessary to bring home some extra cash selling products or services.

When your ready and think night jobs are for those stuck in the past:

Graduate from my 7 day bootcamp

night jobs

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