Being a novel way of generating leads for your company, very many people would want to known more about My Phone Room cost.  The good thing is that My Phone Room is at the moment accepting affiliates and it is among the biggest things to hit the Multi Level Marketing and Internet Marketing industries since the internet advent.


The My Phone Room cost


Besides the following three levels that are described below there is another FREE affiliate level.  Even though My Phone Room cost is subject to change any time, it is currently offered at three different price levels and each of these levels comes up with particular systems of My Phone Room that are in phone room cost


My Phone Room cost for RHP is $ 97.00, Pro goes for $ 577.98, the Executive goes for $1,599.98 while the Platinum goes for $ 3, 499.98. It is important to note that these My Phone Room cost options can change without notice to the subscribers.  For those that join at the lower level, they have ten days of upgrading to higher level or else they will be required to pay the full price there afterwards.


Is It Worth The Cost?

I made over $30,000 in a week online and a major part of that was due to leveraging my team to call past customer, past leads, current leads, and even booking presentations. You don't make crazy gangster money doing all the hard work. Don't believe me? See what I did with Project Mayhem in 1 week part time.


The My Phone Room cost – the other benefits that you get from the packages


In all these four membership benefits, you will get RHP; a very powerful training on how to generate leads that shows very many ways of generating between 5 and 15 leads every day.  Training is very vital in online marketing and My Phone Room offers it to the subscribers.


To conduct successful online marketing campaigns you must learn about the secret of online marketing. The RHP and Pro offer 1 page and 3 pages respectively of Web page Wizard of EZ Lead Capture and graphics that are customizable. The Executive and the Platinum offer these in UNLIMITED levels.


All the membership levels offer Card Marketing System that is referred to as Million Dollar Drop. This is a very powerful and easily customizable system of drop card marketing that will get your cell phone ringing and your website thrilling all.


Except the RHP, all the other membership levels give you access to the My Phone Room call center at reduced and subsidized low rates for members. You will never pay for the numbers that are wrong, there will be no disconnects and there are no answers. You will only get those prospects that are qualified or disqualified.


Except the RHP, the other three memberships will also give you

  • Voice broad casting and SBBN. This will give you access and market to over 15 million owners of small businesses.
  • Free voice mail that does not have cost per minute

The Platinum and the executive memberships offer UNLIMITED usage of My Phone Room for the promoting various opportunities.  The Pro offers maximum of 2 but the RHP does not offer it.


Final words regarding My Phone Room cost


My Phone Room ensures that the leads are called in the real time. Timing is everything and so they will call the opt-in leads that are received from your voice broadcast massage or website. Keep checking the current rates from My Phone Room website because these My Phone Room cost rates can change anytime without notice.

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