What is My Lead System Pro Live The Dream?

My Lead System Pro Live The Dream is an annual convention that is held in Orlando, Florida for 2011. This event has been of very great help to the network marketers in the United States (but draws visitors from all over the world). It helps them overcome some of the greatest and common challenges that they face when they are building their business. It has so far paid out 3.5 million dollars to its members in the form of affiliate commission.

One of the greatest reasons why My Lead System Pro Live The Dream has been of great success is that it has filled and fulfilled the two greatest needs of the network marketers namely making more money and getting more and better quality prospects.

 my lead system pro live the dream

Why attend the My Lead System Pro Live The Dream event?

As a network marketer you may have good vision and strategies but lack the means of achieving your goals and success. My Lead System Pro Live The Dream acts as the bridge; it links your strategies and plans to success.

With it, you will be capable of going wherever you want to be and realizing your dreams. It does so by offering the necessary tools, the required knowledge, basic training and various other solutions which are aimed at helping you achieve and realize those results that you desire most.

If you want to succeed in anything you can follow a very simple strategy; look for those who have already succeeded in that aspect and learn from them. This is what the My Lead System Pro Live The Dream does. It links you with those that have succeeded so that you can study them and then do what they did when they were at your position and learn the steps to follow to go to where they are now.

Where and when will the My Lead System Pro Live The Dream event be held?

If you want to learn the secrets of the most successful network marketers in the United States you should attend the upcoming My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 2 event that will be held in the Orlando, Florida on the October 22nd and October 23rd (generally the annual convention is around October but locations will change).

Where can you purchase the My Lead System Pro Live The Dream tickets?

If you want to attend this event and learn the untold secrets of how you can change your business to the better you can purchase the tickets from me. I am an online marketer and I attended the My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 1 as one of the guest speakers. I can testify that this is an event that you simply cannot afford to miss. Plus I'm number 2 in leads generated all time and number 4 all time in sponsors brought into My Lead System Pro.

Buy the tickets and join me at the event to acquire life changing tips that will reshape your thinking for the better. It will teach you that which you will never have an opportunity of learning elsewhere.

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Who are the My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 2 speakers?

Some of the guest speakers lined up at the My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 2 include Mark Hoverson, the guy that earns income of eight figures from network marketing. He will teach you among other things how you can earn 8 figure income from internet or network marketing.

Other speakers include Daegan Smith, the well known master internet marketer who will teach you the way in which you can place ‘ads’ that the ‘normal’ people who have little or no knowledge of internet marketing expensively for while as an online marketer you can get them for FREE or at dirt cheap price.

Other speakers include Tim Erway, the Magnetic Sponsoring CEO; Ray & Ferny, SEO Networker creators; Norbert Orlewicz, Live the Dream Co-Founder and David Wood, My Lead System Pro Live The Dream phenom among many others.

**Live The Dream Events Are Annually And Locations/Times Will Change Yearly**

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