MLM Failure – Why You Will Fail

here is an ACTUAL comment left on my profile on MLSP

“Hey Lawrence, thank you for extending me a friend invitation. MLSP seems to be a great group of people. I hope that I can get it paying
for my membership before the 1st month runs out because I made a deal
with my wife that if I didn't I would drop the membership. It was the
only way I could get her to go along with me spending the $ in the
first place. I'm at setting up my primary business section of getting
started and I've gotten bogged down. Gotta get past that hurdle so I
can stay in. YHWH bless your day!”

I wrote back to this guy and I said to just ….

Quit and get a refund.

Say what? why would I say that!!!!!

Now the guy sounds kind and caring but this is a business. If you really want to make it online you gotta say “I will be here in a year”. I don't care how nice you are, your not going to make a dime if your not growing OR allowing situation for you to succeed.

1 month to train, test, launch a business is hard enough. Maybe if your brilliant, have marketing experience, or spend 20hrs a day maybe sure. But most are NOT efficient and some think part time means 2hrs a day. Do you really think you can learn a million dollar skill 2 hrs a day for 30 days going about it yourself? Are you a genius or a born natural? if not. you better go find a mentor .. fast!

I laugh at this all day long.

You want the end result but you don't want to train to get there.

You think you can run a Boston Marathon just because you got out of bed? You better be a natural cause if not …. it's not going to be a fun day at work for you.

Think of how many people make a life changing living in 30 days…… Then you know why I recommend getting your head on straight before building one.

My student told me last weekend: “Lawrence, why are you so blunt!”

Why? Because deep down I love you. There is no time to waste. You need to get your head on right and understand YOU need to be a self motivator. YOU need to give  yourself a pat on the back and celebrate your accomplishments. Sure I'll shower you with praise but if your messing up I'm going to just tell you so you can STOP what your doing that's wrong.

You learn from your mistakes so why continue to make them? Let me mentor you on HOW to dominate. 30 days into a business is NOT how you do it.

If your ready to Rock and Roll Graduate from my:

7 Day Internet Lead Generation Bootcamp

If you can get an understanding of what I'm teaching you and feel you can do this… You are ready to work with me and make a nice living even from home.

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam
Not your best friend but your best mentor… EVER

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Check out how I've been using Instagram to build my business by using the power of Instgram #hashtags - Free tips here href="">Click Here.

20 thoughts on “MLM Failure – Why You Will Fail

    1. thanks! Any business you start will need training AND hard work. if you got 30 days to make it or break it… well your going to break for most. There are some who can do it but business building is stressful enough without a time limit.

  1. Lawrence, you tell it like it is. This is a business and if you do not treat it as one, then you are waisting everyones time. I know that you are direct and to the point, without any fluff. I appreciate the way that you teach your “MLM Boot Camp.”. You are setting a new standard.

    Max Brand

    1. thanks a lot max. I fee we have come a long way together. Keep at it and make sure to be accountable. There is no reason to ever feel lost. there is too much support out there to not succeed.

  2. Nice! It is unbelievable how some don’t understand the commitment internet mrktg takes. I think too many people are seduced by the ‘overnight success stories’ and think they’ll be the next one. I’m 8 mos. In and STILL figuring it out! Overnight success? Certainly not. Diligent entrepreneur? Absolutely!

    1. but you see, you are a success story. Thinking back to what you know 8 months ago and what you spent… compare that to a traditional education route and job. it’s a heck of a killer deal considering what I learned has applied to so many things like helping my daughter sell her fund raising goods.

  3. Keepin it real is one of the things you do best Lawrence. This is why you stick out like a sore thumb and why you and your team are successful.

    1. it does this guy no good to lie to him. He would be a person to NOT sponsor. he would be the one to suck your time then in 30 days be gone. there is NO commitment.

      It’s like dating. If your building an organization and pouring your heart and soul into you don’t want to waster you time with someone with this kind of mindset.

  4. Dude.. awesome. I remember the first few months I was in MLSP. I literally spent the entire first few learning new skills. I watched a million videos and soaked up everything I could from you. This isn’t something you can half ass and hurry through. This guys clearly needs the security of a J.O.B.

    Did he take your advice and refund?

    1. i hope the guy takes a job, busts his butt for 1 year. then realize his hard work doesn’t translate to business income. then he will come back and realize he just missed out on 1 years worth of internet income.

  5. Lawrence, this is awesome because you don’t hold anything back.

    Long term is key. You need to be able to establish your system and plant your flag.

    Thanks for this,

    Gabriel Johansson

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