In a market that’s saturated with revitalizing health drinks, nutrition supplements, healthy teas and nourishing fruit juices, Mandura may seem like one in a crowd. However, reps of this company claim that this is a royal drink that’s superior to anything else that’s available in the market. Let’s check out the product as well as the business opportunity in this Mandura review and find out if these claims are true.

Mandura Background

Casey Yarbrough started Mandura in the year 2008 with the motto, “One Vision To Change Lives”. The product is a range of nutritional fruit drinks that supplement the diet of Americans to make it balanced and healthy. The nutrition content is derived largely from four fruits. The company was started as a multi-level marketing business with a unique compensation model, details of which will follow in this Mandura review.

What makes Mandura Different?

Though there are several such fruit juice products, the Mandura juice is said to be different because it uses four royal fruits, Mangosteen, Durian, Acai and the blueberry. While individually, each of these fruits are highly nutritious, blending them together in a drink makes them a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to the body. Mandura Trim is another product that helps in weight loss and body shaping. Both these products have been certified to be tasty and effective in many Mandura reviews.

Is The MLM Opportunity As Good As The Product?

Representatives are called Independent Business Owners (IBO) and they are compensated through a Straight Line Forced Matrix System where every person who joins the company as IBO after them falls under their team irrespective of who has sponsored them. This is a serious draw and why it make it easy to build your downline in Mandura.  But all is not peachy with this type of downline. This gives IBOs the opportunity to make more money when their level in the business rises up. This Mandura review also aims to cover other aspects of being a distributor for the company and the challenges involved. There will be many looking for a free lunch and your still not paid until you at least do your own sales and sponsoring so it's not like you get to physically collect on the entire group below you. It's a great motivating tool but could backfire on reps.

The First Challenge Is The Competition

As already mentioned in this Mandura review, the market is full of fruit juice products, noteworthy among which are-

VEMMA – Standing for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe, VEMMA is a popular health drink company that distributes its products through network marketing. Both the products, as well as the income opportunity make VEMMA a serious competitor.

Yoli – This is another fruit drink product with a unique blast cap technology that helps retain the nutritional value of the drink. This is also a direct selling company.

Amerisciences- Again, this is a juice product that’s made from rain forest fruits that are supposed to be very beneficial. This is also a direct selling company and has attractive rewards programs.

Why You Should Take Up This Business

A Mandura review should cover both sides of the story. This is a good business to take up since it’s legitimate and definitely profitable. Don’t believe the Mandura scam stories that are making the rounds. Its compensation plan is attractive and has many benefits for IBO’s who have reached a certain level in the company.

Achieve Your Targets In This Company

Whether you want to buy a sleek new car or the latest iPhone, this business could very well be the key to your income to achieve these targets. However, don’t put on blinds and direct your focus on selling to people you know. The internet offers a world of opportunities to meet a lot of people and bring them into your business. You can use internet lead generation tools to boost your product promotion as well as for MLM recruitment. With online tools like Facebook and Twitter, you’re never far from success.

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