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  This month I had the pleasure to travel here with my wife to share an epic weekend with fellow colleagues to discuss more about business, growth, team building and mindset. This gathering was for those that have made a minimum of $40k per month with online marketing.    Yes we ate epic food, absorbed some sun and got to see amazing views, but for me it was all about being with like minded individuals and making a difference. Have you ever heard the statement “You are the average of the 5 closest people you spend most of your time with.” ? A long time ago I learned that if I want a better future it wasn’t only about having a why, motivation and hard work…. it was also about the people around me and the support and influence they brought to my life to help me grow in my business. 

    So this is why I make time for seminars, events and trainings… As I said on my last newsletter, education is important and if you don’t spend time on building it or put effort into following true leaders or even pick up a book on how to do something and all you do is spend time watching TV or having negative people in your life, I guarantee you won’t see any changes.   Stick with me and let me show you that it really is a possibility and I made it happen. You can too.
Cool Shots and My Vision Board
 Biz Happenings
INCOME Online (excluding offline streams): 
  • Empower – $37,742
    • is one of my bigger streams of income and one I’ve been pretty passively building since 2011 part time as a mechanical engineer
  • Other Income Streams (~$10,000) 

    • I teach and retail a lot of different trainings and products and collectively they pay me through different merchants and Pay pal accounts.
Inner Power Intensive Workshop
    We kicked of June with an Inner Power Intensive where people flew in from across the nation for our workshop. We trained on basics of business, money management, email marketing, proper tax setups, mindset of success, video marketing and much more. Best part was that everyone had real and uncut stories to share and new friends to network and connect with. I genuinely believe in bringing value to the people I work with and want to make a difference by showing you something new and setting you up with the right tools to get going, whether you are a beginner and want something new or have been in this for a long time.
End of the Month Team Mastermind
    This past weekend I closed off the month with some of my high producing team members and new master students. We met at my office on Saturday to talk about training, social media strategies and figure out ways to help any new individuals that want to start and do the same.We at Kolaches, had laughs and after went to eat some delicious Asian food down the street. Sunday we shifted to La Madeline to one of their private rooms for more training, had their delicious french food and ended on a high note. It was definitely a weekend of ideas, business and creation.

Take some massive action today and be a part of all this to make your own story…

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Income Disclaimer: These are my own personal stats and only use show you what I’m doing and no guarantee you will achieve this*

Birthday Fun    
The month of June Is the time of the year where my son Lawson and I both celebrate our birthdays. I turned thirty five and he turned 1. We celebrated at Maggiano’s little Italy with the our closest loved ones sharing in the best meals family style.My family is my why and the biggest reason that I made sure I was going to be successful online. Spending time with them during the week while making a residual income while we hang out or go out to eat is priceless and you can have that too.
Denver coming soon!
Last month I mentioned that I was traveling to Denver on July 17 – 21. If you are in the area you need to meet me there because it’s going to be epic. We are going to have over 6,000 people join at the Colorado Convention Center for the weekend. Join me by clicking HERE for special BONUS promo
House Hunting
My family have been house hunting for awhile now. Funny… I can remember a few years back when my wife and I were living in a tiny little apartment… it was all we had together and now we get to pick options like these!
 If you think you can’t have this, you are mistaken… as long as you have a vision and a purpose you will do whatever it takes to get there… This is were I started.
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Featured Successes On My Team


From my reports that were given to me from my team, congrats!!!

  • Big Whooop to Brian Couch for leaving his corporate job and going full time with his online business!
  • Kristi Ching for getting 134 leads in one day that converted to two 100% commission sales!
  • Allison Stone who got her first online sale last week! (The first is the hardest!)
  • Jay Brown for getting 10 new signups, had his first in person social media marketing presentation because of what we teach and ranked 6 videos on page 1 of Google!
  • Mark Baker for ranking on You Tube with “How Cool Is a Pool on a Hot Summer Day”
  • Heather Nichols for making $3,000 in one day!
  • Kam Cameron hit top 10 in income last 7 days (avg income for top 10 is over $15k in 7 days)
  • Avram and Nikki for having 2 of their team members have $3,000 days each!
  • Marvin Pique has a personal record in ranking one of his videos on google on the first page in less than 5min. 




June was an awesome, AWESOME month and wanted to share it’s not just myself having a grand ‘ol time. 
Continue building to your OWN future and I’ll be here to support you with our team, and systems.


Thanks to my proven system I do what I love!


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